8 Different Types Of Mx Gears For Motocross

Motocross is a physically demanding sport. It is a type of off-road motorcycle racing. Its name comes from the term motorcycle and crossing the country, as it is similar to dirt bike racing but on a more extensive course outside of a stadium. Every part of a rider’s body is subject to damage during motocross racing. Therefore, to avoid death or irreversible injury, you must safeguard your complete body.

MX Gear is used to protect the rider from injury as Motocross is a dangerous and violent sport.


  • Full-face Helmet-The most crucial piece of a rider’s safety gear. Head injuries are the main cause of mortality and disability among motorcycle riders, according to WHO. So it is necessary to have a high-quality full-face helmet as it is worth the money.
  • Racing boots-They are unlike regular boots and can be as protective as helmets. They provide foot, ankle, shin, and calf protection in Motocross; your legs are at risk of injury. In addition, racing boots protect your foot from sprains and twists when you crash.
  • Jerseys-All racing jerseys act as a protective covering to prevent skin scratches. They are usually full-sleeved and protect against sunburn. It is best to utilise a motocross or dirt bike racing shirt, as they are more abrasion-resistant than regular jerseys. Sizing is crucial since a loose or baggy fit can easily be snagged or pulled when riding. Find something that completely matches you and the activity.
  • Pants-Dirt bike trousers are crucial since they don’t tear easily. It also allows freedom of movement, unlike jeans and other fabrics. Dirt bike trousers generally have a leather covering around the knees. This body area rubs against the dirt bike and is near the exhaust pipe, so it needs extra protection. It protects the knee and offers the rider more grip.
  • Gloves-Gloves for dirt bikes assist in avoiding cuts. It also improves grip. Its cushioning reduces hand vibrations, boosting efficiency and endurance.
  • Goggles-Motocross goggles protect your eyes from the elements while boosting visibility at the same time. As long as they fit comfortably within your helmet, the first thing to consider is the size when purchasing goggles. These goggles have broad lenses to improve peripheral vision.
  • Neck braces- Once unpopular among bikers, they have recently become very prevalent. They help avoid numerous spinal cord damage in car accidents. Many firms now create low-profile, comfortable neck braces that suit the rider’s neck comfortably.
  • Knee Pads-Knee injuries are a regular occurrence in sports. Wearing knee braces can help avoid life-altering injuries. It is best to get a knee brace that is specifically made to suit your knee. Because most cyclists struggle to locate a knee brace that fits properly, a tailored brace will allow you to flex your knees.

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Common Injuries

  • Ankle sprains can be avoided by wearing ankle-protective footwear. Unfortunately, most riders are unaware that the quality of their boots protects their legs and feet.
  • The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) regulates the mobility of the shin bone relative to the thigh bone. If it rips, your knees may collapse—another incentive to wear riding boots and knee braces.
  • One of the most common motocross injuries is a shattered collarbone. When you fall on your shoulder or hit the ground, they frequently shatter. Body armour and neck braces help reduce the strain on your shoulders and collarbone.
  • Any collision that affects your head and not wearing a sturdy helmet might lead to serious head injuries.

It is important to take Motocross seriously since it can produce life-threatening injuries if you are not properly prepared. Helmets, boots, body armour, knee and elbow pads, a neck brace, and goggles are the most important pieces of safety equipment that you definitely must have with you at all times. Even slight falls and impacts can significantly influence your important organs if you don’t have these.

As long as you’re wearing your mx gears, you should be able to avoid nearly all crashes and incidents without having to live with the consequences for the rest of your life.

Author: Alison Lurie

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