How to Convert PDF to Excel for Free with PDFBear

PDF is one standard file format many people utilize, which isn’t unexpected since it has many benefits. It maintains the formatting of your file’s contents, it can be encrypted, and you can open it with a web browser. With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the entire world, the use of PDFs became more rampant due to quarantine. Since people are forced to stay at home, they shifted to doing their studies, work, and business online. See more: how to convert pdf to jpg.

For instance, your colleague may send you spreadsheets but in portable document format. It would be convenient since you can ascertain that the file is reliable because it’s in PDF. You might want to edit or extract data from them. Unfortunately, you might find yourself in a bind since the PDF files might be uneditable. You can just convert the file. Keep reading below as we discuss how to convert PDF to Excel 100% free.

PDFBear’s PDF to Excel converter

True enough, you can just copy and paste the contents of your files into a new Excel file. It would be taxing, however, if you were to do it hundreds of times. Not only that, but you also have to edit and format them. Given that it would be time-consuming and physically and mentally taxing, why not find a convenient way to convert the PDFs to Excel?

With the various advancements in technology, it’s expected that you may find many ways to convert your PDF to Excel. Typing the words “PDF to Excel” in your browser’s search bar will render you many websites that can do the job. You want to ensure that the website is safe and can convert your file quickly while maintaining quality. The question is, which converter should you use?

If you want a fast, effective, and safe file conversion tool, then PDFBear’s PDF to Excel converter is the right one for you. You don’t need to worry about data theft and low-quality files with this converter. What makes it better is that you can get your converted file instantly! How great is that, right?

How does the converter work?

PDFBear’s converter utilizes the Optical Character Recognition technology to convert the files precisely. Since PDFs technically appear as “images,” OCR can electronically convert the text included from these images. That’s why you can rest assured that the converted file is identical to the original. You wouldn’t have to suffer from messy and jumbled-up content!

Converting your files with PDFBear is made easier with four simple steps. Imagine getting your file within moments with just a few clicks! A short guide is provided for you below.

  1. Choose and upload your file. 
  2. PDFBear will start the process instantly upon upload.
  3. The converter will generate a download link, and you can then save the newly converted file.
  4. After an hour, PDFBear will permanently delete your file.

What makes PDFBear one of the superb converters?


The biggest concern of most users is safety. After all, who would want to have their files’ contents stolen? This concern is even more critical for those people who deal with confidential files. Don’t worry! PDFBear boasts of its 256-SSL encryption, which is one of the most secure techniques today. Rest assured that your files are safe with PDFBear!


PDFBear will delete all your uploaded files an hour after the conversion. Unless you sign in and save it, it will get deleted. The converter will use your files for conversion only.


PDFBear guarantees high accuracy of conversion to produce high-quality files. Since you are looking to convert the PDF to Excel directly, you want to preserve the file’s formatting. It retains not only the text but also the images and colors. Although the transformation happens in an instant, trust that your converted files are accurate.


Using PDFBear’s PDF to Excel converter doesn’t require complicated and technical knowledge. As this tool is for everyone to use, it has a friendly user interface. You can easily retrieve files or upload them from another Cloud, like Google Drive or Dropbox. Also, since it’s a web service, you can access it from any device like a mobile phone or computer, without specific browsers and operating systems.


Indeed, PDFs have shown their use to us more with the effects of COVID-19. In sharing files, you may send or receive spreadsheets in portable document format for the sake of preserving their formatting. However, there may be times where you need to edit your PDFs, and you’re looking for a suitable converter.

In this regard, PDFBear will meet your needs. With the efficiency and safety that it brings about, you can be worry-free and just do the conversion. It’s one of the most excellent converters online, and it’s a guarantee that it truly lives to its name. Visit PDFBear’s PDF to Excel today and convert your PDF to Excel 100% free!

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