How to Choose Your Hotel Room Reservation Software

If your hotel has more than a few rooms, you may notice the drawbacks of the traditional pen-and-book style. Sure, it works, but it hurts to erase all the old information and go on a new date when someone changes their mind.

This is where a well-designed hotel room reservation software comes in. Changing reservation details and many other repetitive tasks are easy to do, and today’s employees are rarely, at least partially, computer literate.

So what do you need to look for when choosing a hotel reservation software?

  1. Make sure it is working on your computer.

It seems obvious, but if the computer you plan to use is very old or in some cases very new, it can make a difference whether or not the software is running. If your computer is very old, you may want to consider giving it to your children or grandchildren. If it is very new, make sure that there are no changes in the operating system affecting the software.

  1. Make sure it is easy to use.

You don’t want to spend a lot of time getting used to the program. The latest software should be intuitive and able to perform most tasks without using help files, but help is available when needed, especially for less frequent tasks like changing rooms. Should. Add prices and special offers.

  1. Make sure you can set the user level

You may trust the receptionist to handle your daily room reservations, but you probably don’t want them to be able to change room rates or tax rates. You may also not want to access sensitive information such as occupancy or profitability. With better software on the market, you can set a level for each user of the software to ensure that the user does not exceed the level of responsibility.

  1. Be sure to create the invoice

The joy of using a computer is that you need to be able to perform routine tasks such as printing bills. You need flexibility in what you include and exclude in printed invoices, facility details, etc. We also need a preview feature so that if a guest asks for an invoice amount, the reception staff can look it up. It’s time to get on screen and print bills instead of wasting paper.

  1. The support must be very close

Computer software these days rarely need help, but phone and email support is a relief. If one of your employees has a problem, you can recover from it quickly and easily.

  1. Cost

Customized programs, such as the hotel reservation program, may incur annual support and upgrade fees. Make sure you know what is and is not included in the price you pay when you first purchase the software.

  1. Free trial

Everyone below Microsoft offers a free trial of the software. You may have tried Microsoft Office the last time you bought your computer. The free trial allows salespeople to see if their software meets their needs without having to throttle. The trial version must be fully functional and the data you enter during the trial period must still be available after purchasing the software.

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