How Businesses can Benefit from Market Intelligence

Market intelligence is a comprehensive understanding of the market and every beneficial aspect relevant to an organization’s marketing efforts. Data is collected and accurately analyzed to guide marketers during their campaigns. Intelligence businesses can identify various marketing goals through the market since they are informed on competitors, products, and consumer trends or behaviors. Companies are at an advantage and can use collected data to improve their weaknesses and identify competitors’ shortcomings. Marketers can use the data to set practical future goals for a business.

Different Ways to Conduct Market Intelligence

There are various ways for a team to conduct market awareness. Below are standard methods used by marketers.

1. Focus Groups

To create a sample market size of the target group marketers, select a group of people. A moderator asks a series of predetermined questions to the participants encouraging discussions. Focus groups gain insights and a deeper understanding of the market, which allows them to make informed decisions.

2. Field Trials

They allow businesses to have an actual response on their products from consumers. By ensuring the products are available in selected stores. Companies can save a lot through field trials by minimizing unnecessary advertisements.

3. Questionnaires

Questionnaires can be conducted both online and offline. Marketers gain both qualitative and quantitative insights into their clientele. Additionally, they cover a large area of the target market.

How Do Businesses Benefit from the Collected Data

Through marketing intelligence, companies can access various opportunities to explore the market landscape. Marketers come up with different areas that are crucial in strategic decision-making.

1. Competitive Advantage

By collecting data on competitors, businesses have the insight to develop effective business strategies. They can identify the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors and capitalize on them.

2. Product Intelligence

The products in the market have their selling advantages and disadvantages differentiated through a deep market understanding. A survey helps identify consumer needs and work towards achieving each one of them by improving the product.

3. Develop Market Understanding

Data used here allows marketers to examine and understand areas highly populated with prospects and customers. Identifying with the market ensures a business can determine the proper media channels for their marketing strategy.

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4. Understand Consumers

For a business to succeed, customer loyalty and retention must increase conversion. However, they spend more on acquiring new customers. Understanding customers through the data they understand;

  • Who are the consumers?
  • What makes them buy the products?
  • Customer satisfaction on service delivery.
  • What to improve and how to help them.

Favorable Market Intelligence Tool

Though market intelligence is vital for business success, it can be time-consuming. There are online tools to help businesses carry out the procedure with ease. They gather, analyze and store market data. Since there is variety in the market, Pentaho and Sisense are common. Individuals can handle procedures in small businesses, but as they grow, it becomes complicated; thus, these tools become handy. With a data specialist or an analyst, a company can make the most out of market findings.

How Netbase Quid is Benefiting Businesses

By understanding the market, businesses deploy strategies that benefit them most. Netbase Quid ensures they perceive brands through consumers’ eyes to identify critical factors driving brand health and connecting with their clients. The insight helps businesses realize their position on the market versus their competition, track emerging issues, and be proactive in resolving situations that might affect them. Make the most of every market situation and stay on top of the competition. Netbase Quid helps boost campaign performance by applying the available wealth of insights that fuel top-performing campaigns and marketing strategies. Their core aim is to ensure a brand stands out in the market.


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