How To Grow Your Business Via Chatbot Marketing

The growing use of chatbots can be seen in many businesses and fields. They have become an indispensable tool used that provides concrete benefits to  the companies and customers. These chatbots not only automate many functionalities of any business but also boost the marketing efforts that save marketers’ time and also act as the voice of the brand or the company using these intelligent bots.

Why should chatbots be used in digital marketing?

Chatbots have gained importance in digital marketing. We see as a marketer that chatbots are indispensable in marketing efforts, and plays an important role in adding value to many marketing strategies such as social media marketing, content marketing and many other platforms and campaigns.

These chatbots are cloud-based tools that a visitor sees when he lands on the front page of any website, an app or on social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger. They are used to engage the visitors, answer all the queries, solve issues and provide information according to the customers’ preference and needs.

These chatbots use AI intelligence technologies such as understanding of language and processing the language to learn what customers are asking for and satisfy them with the right possible outcomes. If a chatbot is unable to help the customer then it can switch to the marketing team officials

Chatbot marketing strategies

Chatbot marketing can be considered as the present and future of digital marketing; a game changer. Before we proceed with chatbot marketing strategies, you must know what is a chatbot builder?

There are chatbot marketing templates that can be used by installing a chatbot builder. We have a variety of chatbot builders but choosing the right builder is crucial. For example, to create a Facebook messenger chatbot, we have so many Facebook chatbot builder, as Facebook Messenger is a popular and widely-used platform and these chatbots converse with billions of people using Facebook everyday.

After creating a chatbot, it is now time to design your chatbot marketing strategy using the chatbot templates. These templates can be customized according to your specific chatbot marketing activity you require.

There are different types of chatbot templates that you can use, let’s explore a few together:

1. Chatbots for Lead Generation

This is the ideal chatbot marketing to start with, as it is a client-based chatbot, that is, it generates and qualifies and follows up more leads to market the business through automated or live chat experiences.

2. Chatbots for Automotive shops

This chatbot marketing template, although designed for automotive shops, is also ideal to be used in any service-oriented business. It has several built-in features that offers the customers to select a service; ask questions regarding car issues; features the reviews of the past customers and allows the customers to leave a review.

3. Chatbots for Sales Funnel

This is a powerful template with some outstanding features. It uses a process to choose high-potential customers for the sales calls and all the process is executed by the chatbot creating a powerful sales funnel.

There are more  chatbot marketing templates used in different areas such as for: Beauty Salons, Coffee shops, Community organisations, Consultants, Dentist and the lists goes on .

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