Different Types Of Cannabis Seeds

Growing cannabis in your residence is believed to be among the most soothing activities available. When you cultivate your cannabis, you may appreciate the entire process of cultivating a plant as well as the cannabis advantages afterward. Cannabis is known to have several health advantages, so whether you’re using it to treat a medical issue or for recreational purposes, it’s a good thing to understand your cannabis seeds.

In the market, there’re dozens of various cannabis seeds, some of which are superior to others. We’ll go through the most prevalent varieties and their characteristics in this section.

Feminized Seeds

Top companies have grown feminized cannabis seeds in the recent decade to possess no male components and produce a ninety-five percent or higher female output when cultivated. They’ve become a very dependable alternative in past years, with a plethora of advantages. Male cannabis herbs do not grow bud when planted and they’re generally eliminated to give space for more female plants, thus opting for feminized alternatives allows you to produce more cannabis in the same amount of room.

Feminized plants, which have been generated via natural selection and feminization process across a variety of crops, generate only sinsemilla buds. Also, they do not need particular light and temperatures, as you’d expect. Essentially, as scientists keep intervening in natural agricultural practices, these types of cannabis seeds have been made less stressful to cultivate since they are a hybrid – consuming on the most appropriate elements that nature could provide. 

If you do not have enough room for your cannabis plants or if you do not want to waste your time tending male cannabis plants, then the feminized cannabis seeds are your best bet because they give you the best of results with minimal effort. To add to that, these types of cannabis seeds are renowned for how fast they produce buds with a richer concentration of active cannabinoids. 

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds have been there for thousands of years, and they’re the ones that people began using before autoflowering and feminized seeds came into the scene. Most regular seeds are 50% female and 50% male. 

For knowledgeable marijuana seed gatherers, opting for regular seeds is a more reliable approach, but you may want to go for feminized seeds if you’ve not used the former since they’re more rewarding and straightforward. You’d need to commit more in terms of attention, temperature, and lighting when tending regular seeds. And yes, you must commit time to eliminate the male herbs and growing the female herb in its stead. 

Maybe a nice want to learn about cannabis and trail your cultivation skills, but they are not for the weak-hearted. But they are a normal option where a hard graft earns you every bud you cultivate. 

Photoperiod Seeds

Photoperiod seeds require the change in the light schedule to 12/12 – 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness a day – in order to start flowering. Such a change is needed because in nature cannabis starts flowering when the days become shorter and the plant senses the fall season approaching. Hence, planting photoperiod strains takes some preparation and careful time planning.

If you’re a newbie grower and don’t want to sit with a calendar trying to figure out when you need to plant the seeds in order to reap healthy, abundant harvests – go for autoflowering seeds.

Autoflowering Seeds

Just like their feminized counterparts, autoflowering seeds can be more easily grown than regular seeds since they don’t need particular temperature and light environments. These cannabis seed varieties mature as early as ten weeks since when they’re first planted.  Their exceptional qualities are a function of their aptness to flower automatically and shift from a vegetative state with age and over time. It means that as long as they grow in favorable climatic conditions, it doesn’t matter when you plant them. This makes them a low-maintenance alternative. One other thing that makes them a superior option is that they are not overly tall. 

Also, autoflowering cannabis hasn’t been around for too long yet. However, growers, via genetic crossing, have increased the yields and the active concentration of cannabinoids in autoflowering varieties, so that a large chunk of what is obtainable in the market are potent autoflowering seeds. 


Are you still lost on which among these cannabis seed types to opt for? That’s completely dependent on your goals, budget, and needs, and also the pattern of cultivation that is more appealing to you. At Herbies, they make the process of making this decision effortless with high-quality cannabis seeds. If this is your first time cultivating and using cannabis seeds, you may opt for autoflowering or feminized seeds – the easiest option. 

Happy gardening!

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