Creative Ideas for Hosting Your End of Year Company Party

End-of-year parties are a part of the culture in many different types of companies, as well as schools and clubs, and can create an opportunity for coworkers and colleagues to connect. They are both celebratory as well as team building and can be a vital part of closing the year. With many creative ideas, there is no reason for a repeat of the last few parties. 

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to team build and will offer an opportunity to share ideas, brainstorm solutions, and work as a team to find the pieces. These can be done either in person with a day spent driving, biking, or walking around the city, or online searching through websites to find the answers. Working on a video call for the group or traveling together makes this a great way to host your end-of-the-year party. 

Escape Room

Escape rooms allow for the imagination to take over and find the way out by problem-solving, answering riddles, and locating the missing pieces. Completed in small groups, these are suited to regular year-end parties as well as those being held during social distancing regulations. Each team can compete against the time of others to see how fast they can solve the puzzles and escape the room.

Game Night

People of all ages enjoy games, and board games or video games can be a fun and creative, end of year party. It encourages working together, can boost morale, and be an affordable and easy way to set up a party. This can bring back memories of early careers, of fun with friends, and can ease the tension that may occur around work or school. Several games are easily translated to online applications as well, such as charades or Pictionary, allowing everyone to participate. For those of you in my neck of the woods, you can rent out a commercial venue in Hobart for your party so that nobody has to play host at their own homes, and it gives you an opportunity to get out of the office and gather somewhere else. 

Trampoline Park

A trampoline or jump park may be just what your group needs to add fun to the end of the year. Skip dressing up and having sit-down meals and instead do something that is just for fun. Active events can help to offer an outlet for stress or worry and can provide a fun way to mark the end of another year and prepare for the start of the next. Many of the trampoline areas will have basketball nets, foam pits, and even ziplines.  Check out more stuff here Sangria systembolaget.

Awards Show

An awards show or a pretend awards show, where some of the awards are jokes or puns, can be a fun and creative way to end the year. It can address the best things that each person has contributed to the team and that trait or behavior that is appreciated the most by their coworkers or other students. Planning an end of the year party is a task that can be creative, fun, and affordable. With many options available both online and in-person, for large groups and small, there is sure to be one that is a great fit for your group. 

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