Common Features Of Slingo Slots

Found in 1994, Slingo has been around for quite some time. Sal Falciglia from New Jersey founded it. Before this revelation, Mr Falciglia had no strong connections to the gaming industry. He worked in the real estate industry – register and play today.

He was a true slot fanatic, just like the rest of us. Nonetheless, he discovered Slingo in an unexpected place. He believed a TV program adaptation was the pinnacle of success for this novel game. Even now, Slingo remains a popular choice for online gamblers all over the globe.

How Does Slingo Differ From Bingo And Slots?

Most people think of Slingo as a mix of slots and bingo, but there are a few differences you should know about before you play. 

The slot reel is at the bottom of the card. Therefore there is just one space visible on each reel instead of the usual three or more. Compared to standard slot machines, the number of possible reel spaces is much lower here. 

The bingo card has pictures on it. Whereas in typical bingo games, players would see numbers, with Slingo, they may also see familiar slot machine icons alongside their bingo numbers. In Slingo, you can fill the bingo cards with gold coins, jokers, free spins, and more. 

Like slots, Slingo can be played alone or with friends in a multiplayer mode. Multiplayer Slingo has live chat rooms similar to online bingo, creating a strong community among players. With so many options, you can play Slingo whenever the mood strikes.

Similar Features

Naturally, several firms are developing their unique takes on Slingo. They’re using novel concepts and styles. However, there are certain similarities among the games: 

The layout is organized in the form of a grid with 5 rows and 5 reels.

The game uses a total of 75 symbols and numbers.

To win, a player must spin the reels and get a line of 5 identical symbols or numbers.

The RNG chooses the combinations of symbols and numerals that appear on a line. 

Here, “RNG” is shorthand for “Random Number Generator,” a feature built into every modern slot machine. In a split second, it cycles through millions of possible number combinations. That’s why things are so hard to predict.

Unique Slingo Symbols

There are a variety of bonus symbols in Slingo, and when you get them on the reels, you’ll either get additional points or gain access to new features. Even though each version of Slingo is slightly different, the most common symbols are: 

  •     Coins: Coins are useful since they provide bonus points and activate free spins.
  •     Devils: These aren’t very wonderful. A devil will reduce your score and wipe off a whole number on your card.
  •     Cherubs: The cherub will neutralize the demon and shoot him with an arrow.
  •     Jokers: These are Slingo’s equivalent to wild cards, allowing you to paint any number in the first column.
  •     Super Joker: They function similarly to regular jokers, except you can use them to cross out any number on the board at any time.
  •     Bonus Spin: Play an additional round at no cost. 

Due to the variety of Slingo games available, it’s important to learn the game’s unique rules and special symbols before getting started. Having your eye on the ball will bring benefits to this game.

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