10 Best Grading tool For Teachers in 2022

Grading is a process that provides feedback for students about their work and is done to improve learning outcomes and performance.It is a part of any learning environment. Whether you are teaching in the classroom, online, or assigning homework, grading papers becomes a crucial part of the learning process for most teachers.

A grading tool is a software that verifies the accuracy, quality and impartiality of students worl. It can take written or typed text and then evaluate it according to its guidelines. There are various types of grading tools that have different features for their users.

Best Grading tools For Teachers

Some best grading tools for teachers are mentioned below.

Easy grader:

The Easy Grader for Grade Calculation is designed so that both tutors and pupils will find it easy and simple to use. It provides you the suppleness to easily compute your grades as well as control your overall grading scales.

With the easy grader calculator, you can calculate biased grades. You can calculate both letter grades and fraction grades. It display result in both percentages and letters. 


ZIPGrade allows you to grade multiple-choice tests in minutes. All you need is your smartphone to scan the test.Many teachers are now using the Zip Grades system to grade student work in their classrooms. The Zip Grade helps educators to assign grades for assignments, presentations, and projects. The Zip Grades system assigns a letter grade A-F for each project so that educators can be quick and efficient when grading.

Google Classroom:

Google Classroom is a free online app that allows teachers to deliver feedback on assignments from anywhere at anytime. Teachers also have access to reports on student progress, teacher-student collaboration, as well as student self-grading tools for every assignment in their course.

The benefit of Google Classroom is that it allows for multiple users to enter grades for the same assignment simultaneously which helps reduce the possibility of human error among grading processes. With this application readily available in a much more convenient way than pen and paper grading tools could ever provide, student grades are now easier to manage.


Showbie is a grading tool that can be used by teachers to grade student assignments. It is an AI tool that automatically grades students performance and allows students to view the grading history on their progress.

The software helps teacher create different styles of rubrics, share them with parents, and provide feedback on student assignments in real-time.


BookWidgets is a grading tool for teachers which helps them to grade text-based assignments. They provide real-time feedback and grading system that teachers can use in their classrooms.

The first use case of BookWidgets is a basic grading tool for teachers. It’s simple and highly intuitive to use, so it’s perfect for teaching young children or those who are new to learning English.

The second use case of BookWidgets is a self-grading tool used by students during the course of their individual studies to monitor their progress.

Grade Ticker:

It is a browser extension that helps students easily track their grade in class, complete with a color-coded system for helping them know exactly how well they are doing.

Grade Ticker is created to help teachers and students easily keep track of grades in class, giving them a way to see which assignments, quizzes, and exams they have missed as well as an easy way to keep up with their progress.

Gradebook Pro:

Gradebook Pro is unlike any grading tool out there. It can be used to grade multiple types of assignments. It also has a unique grading system that teachers have found to be effective in the classroom.

Gradebook Pro offers a simple way for teachers to assess students and generate reports. Using this tool, teachers are able to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses as well as monitor their progress over time.


Flubaroo Pro is the best grade tool for teachers and students. It is a software that helps teachers grade student work and make sure everyone gets an accurate and fair grading.

The point of this software is to bring transparency to the grading process which can be difficult because it’s subjective. With Flubaroo Pro, teachers can see what their students are missing and get them help before they get too frustrated with their grades.


Formative is one of the best grading tool for teachers which can be used to identify the areas in which students need more help or where they are struggling. The tool allows teachers and students to share assignments so that students can receive feedback from their peers. In addition, Formative also allows students to view the assessments of their classmates, which helps them gauge their progress on a given subject.


Viper is an automation tool that helps students prepare for quizzes, homework and exams. It automatically assigns grades based on students’ performance and saves teachers time to focus on more important things.

With its help, teachers can grade quizzes, homework assignments and exams in a matter of seconds by scanning their papers in front of them. This means they can spend more time interacting with their students to understand their needs rather than spending hours grading papers manually.


In the past, teachers relied on pen and paper to grade students’ work. However, this could often lead to “inconvenient” grading errors. That’s why online grading tools are interesting option for teachers because it provides automatic grading which automates some of the tedious tasks usually required in teaching. 

Grading tools are used to check the quality of an essay or assignment. With Easy Grader and other online apps, teachers can easily deliver feedback on assignments and assignments can be saved and reused.Teachers can track their students’ progress and provide feedback during class or at home using the app on their phone or computer.

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