A podcast to ‘Stay QRious’ and elevate your marketing campaigns

QRTIGER’s Stay QRious podcast is now available on Spotify, Youtube, and Listennotes

November 15, 2022—Leading QR code generator software QRTIGER is trusted by over 850,000 brands worldwide, so it only made sense that they recently released their very own ‘Stay QRious’ podcast.

Hosted by their very own QR code expert and CEO Benjamin Claeys and Head of Digital Marketing Kristel Seracarpio, they delve deep and dissect the versatility and convenience of QR Codes in a fun and interactive way.

The Stay QRious podcast shares innovative ways marketers can use QR codes. Claeys shares their practical uses to ensure they work for every marketer’s target customers and audiences.

QR Codes are a low-cost yet effective marketing tool when done right, and Stay QRious guides, marketers on creating more innovative QR code-based marketing campaigns that will last longer even when their paid ads are over.

With the looming recession and talks about budget cuts, it pays to use time-tested marketing tools that challenge marketers to think outside the box.

QR codes can do much more than just add a URL, so it pays to tune in and be inspired by what this amazing technology can do for marketers and their businesses.


The first episode, ‘QR codes can promote anything,’ explored how marketers can sell even the most bizarre products with a good amount of wit and a smart QR code marketing strategy.

Claeys quickly devised solutions on how he would market these unusual products using QR Codes, among them a Sriracha lip balm, a flamethrower, and a Pet Rock.

“New products who want to break into the market and want to do something different can use QR codes creatively to boost their campaigns. I think definitely QR codes can educate customers on how to use it, [show them] the benefits, and what’s so fun about it,” says Claeys.

These versatile squares bridge the offline and online worlds, so it’s much easier to stand out with an unconventional QR code campaign.

Claeys added, “Marketing is not just done online. We must think that 80% of our time is still offline. That’s when QR codes become a bridge to the online world.”

There are infinite possibilities when using QR codes in marketing. Businesses can encourage customers, spark action, drive traffic, and share information without spending so much money on ads.

The Stay QRious podcast is presented to you by QRTIGER, the most advanced QR code generator with logo software.

It debunks the most ridiculous QR Code myths, discusses its data tracking features, and all the flexible ways companies can use it for marketing.

Learn more by tuning in to the Stay QRious podcast on Spotify and Listennotes. You can also find it on the QRTIGER – QR Code Generator Youtube channel.

What are QR codes?

A QR code, or “Quick Response code,” is a two-dimensional barcode. Masahiro Hara invented this in 1994 at Denso Wave, a Japanese company that makes barcodes.

It consists of a grid of black and white squares or pixels holding alphanumeric data for a machine to read. It stores information in a specific arrangement of pixels that a smartphone or camera can quickly read.

QR codes first gained rapid popularity in 2020 as they helped save lives in contact tracing and its one-scan information sharing. It also aided the safe reopening of restaurants amid the pandemic. Now, customers can also use them for placing and paying for orders.

Today, QR codes are popular among various industries, including business, healthcare, education, logistics, and more.


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It provides individuals and businesses with low-cost but advanced QR code solutions.

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