6 GogoPDF Tools That Will Fix Your PDF Troubles

After the clamor to conserve the environment grew louder, the business world was obliged to go digital, and technology let them do so. Companies are catching up by converting all paper papers to electronically transferred files on a constant schedule. Thus, many people have learned how to convert PDF to JPG, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or any other document type for free.

With the present state of things, PDF has proven to be one of the most helpful files available. It has been demonstrated that it has aided individuals in a variety of ways for generations. It has become indispensable in education and the workplace, earning them among the most flexible formats to use. PDFs can be used for a variety of purposes, including education, maintaining sensitive papers, and preserving business files. So, with GogoPDF, a competent PDF website, here’s a program that could help you better utilize PDFs.

1. Add Page Numbers

If you are in need to add page numbers to PDF, using GogoPDF will help you organize and arrange each section of your PDF. Furthermore, arranging your article’s content with numbers will make it much easier for you to understand the flow of the text. GogoPDF is also suitable for a wide range of browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and other prominent search engines. As a result, you can utilize this feature as long as you have an internet connection. Using this online platform, you can quickly and easily number your PDF file.

The initial step is to choose the file from your device and drag it into the GogoPDF toolbar. Once your document is on the server, choose where you want the numbers to appear on the page and save any modifications you’ve performed. There are two ways to share your modified PDF:  to email the document, and to copy the GogoPDF link. After you’ve accomplished all of these steps, your newly numbered PDF file is complete, and you may save it to your computer and Google Drive, or share it with your social networks.

2. PDF Converter

GogoPDF provides a variety of file conversions in many formats that you could need for your current jobs or projects. You may learn how easy converting Word to PDF on the GogoPDF website is since you use a reputable tool. You can do a similar operation with your PowerPoint and Excel files.

It is preferable and best to convert a file to a JPG or PNG format before uploading it to social media. Aside from that, attaching PDF files to your emails is more efficient and convenient. Remember that each file format has its own set of benefits and cons. Thus, choose and use one based on the task’s objective and type. You can go to GogoPDF’s official site to see what other file formats are supported for conversion with the application.

3. PDF Compress

The most important tradeoff that organizations find with file compression techniques is that the smaller the file size is, the more value is compromised. Thankfully, GogoPDF offers a PDF compression tool that shrinks files to their smallest size while maintaining their quality. GogoPDF can help them compress their PDF files for whatever reason they want.

4. Protect PDF

You don’t want other individuals to have access to your files if it includes important and secret information that is why passwords are required to gain privacy in any form. Setting a password to your PDF file, on the other hand, may take a long time. However, if you use the appropriate tool, this will never be an issue. Fortunately, GogoPDF allows you to easily secure a password to your PDF file using simple methods that even individuals who are new to utilizing internet tools can readily follow.

To begin, select a document from your gadget and drag it onto GogoPDF’s tool. After that, you can add a password to your document that must be alpha-numeric and contain both lower and upper case letters. When you’re done, GogoPDF will begin evaluating and securing a password for your PDF file. The entire procedure could be completed in a minute or less. Following that, you can start downloading your newly password-protected PDF file.

5. Unlock PDF

Humans, unlike machines, are susceptible to forgetting stuff, especially the password combinations they use on their files. With GogoPDF’s Unlock PDF Tool, you can fix your problems with forgotten document passcode. The first step in unlocking a PDF file online is to set up the file you want to unlock, which should not be corrupted. Before you begin the process of unlocking your document, you should make a backup of it in case anything happens.

After you’ve double-checked the device you’ll be using and the file you’ll be unlocking, upload it to the GogoPDF website and wait for the website to examine it. The site will then request you to enter the password for your file. The site will secure your file after you enter your passcode. Finally, you can download your file from the website after it has been encrypted.

6. Split PDF

One of the most important characteristics to check for in an online tool is the capacity to handle your demand as quickly as feasible. Most busy people, including yourself, complete projects on time. Thus, if you need to eliminate certain pages from your PDF files, you should do so straight away. If this is the case, GogoPDF’s PDF split tool is the most ideal for you.

GogoPDF provides you with free access to its tool, which can undoubtedly process your document in a matter of minutes. However, relying on how many PDF pages you’re eliminating, it may take a little longer, but the procedure will be simple and clear.

In A Nutshell

There are numerous benefits to using computer devices. It can now complete jobs that used to take days to complete with a single click. However, while it is advantageous, it does have certain drawbacks. These problems can be corrected with the application of appropriate software and websites. GogoPDF is one type of utility that can repair computer flaws.

It is the greatest solution for all of your PDF requirements; it can split and merge PDF files, modify them, add watermarks, security features, and, most significantly, unlock them. This website’s feature is useful for users who frequently use their passwords.

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