5 Ways To Make Your Remote International Employees And Make Them Feel At Home

The aftermath of the pandemic is still been felt in all sectors worldwide, but one part is left out; the business sector. We all know the business sector is one of the pillars of any country; hence it is worth discussing.

One of the advantages of the pandemic is the virtual activities all businesses engage in, and we can’t help but be grateful for such a wonderful initiative. Now, you can choose to live in a country and work in a different country since it’s a remote job. All you need to do is to work efficiently.

Remote job is a welcome development, but do you introduce a new employee to the other employees in the most efficient ways? Oh! Well, that’s not rocket science either, and we’ve got you covered.

How To Welcome Your Remote International Employees

1. Have A Welcome Strategy

Remember, first impressions last longer, so you make adequate preparation for your new employees to make their first day in your company a wonderful one. This isn’t anyone’s duty; it should be planned with all employees.

Since it will be a virtual welcome ceremony, the use of translation services companies and remote interpretation tools is strongly advised in case of language barriers.

Video remote interpretation should be used since both parties will be in different locations, and languages might differ.

Questions like “ what was it like on your first day.” “What should have been done by others to make you feel more welcomed the day you resumed” should be asked by you to the staff to better prepare them in welcoming their new colleagues.

2. Have A Collage Of All Staff

We all have what we are good at, and personally speaking, I don’t have a good memory for names; this might be the same for your new employees. It would be best to prepare a collage of all employees with names and positions on it to show the new employees for easy interaction between them.

A new employee will have a lot to worry about, from the huge expectations to settling in the new workplace, remembering the names of other employees will be the least of concerns. So, to lessen the burden, simply create a portable collage that they can use at their disposal.

3. Assign A Mentor

In an unfriendly or strange environment, even a professional might fail. Your company’s work ethics will be different from where your new employees are coming from. To make them feel welcome and get into the system on time, assign them a mentor or a business buddy.

As an employer, you can’t be available at all times, so delegating staff to help out is a great idea. This way, the new employees learn the ropes effortlessly.

4. Have A Genuine Interest In Your Employees

It is not enough to create an elaborate welcoming party for your new employees, but also to develop a genuine interest in them. This will create a healthy relationship between you and your new employees.

Even as remote employees, they still report to you virtually, creating time to know them better. That will make them feel appreciated.

5. Immerse Them In The Company

Nothing makes a new employee happy, like being integrated into the system as soon as possible. Invite them over to meetings irrespective of their time of resumption and ask for their opinions.

Also, break down the goals and mission of each ongoing project and ask them to develop a personal plan for it. All these will make employees feel welcomed and give their best to keep pushing the business forward.

If creating an international team starts to stress you out and bring lots of hassle, then think about outsourcing the hiring and recruitment to the best PEO services out there. They will take care of the rest.


One of the most significant milestones an employee can hit in his lifetime is the first day of a new job. They look forward to it and keep dreaming about it all night. The thoughts of what to wear as the new guy will keep running through their brain like a flash.

The physical on-boarding party might have stopped, but it is still being practiced virtually by all businesses. The outcome of a welcome ceremony for a new employee might determine how well the employee will perform in the long run.

For many, it shows the kind of colleagues and employers they will be stuck with for years. So as an employer, you should make it memorable to get the best out of your employees.

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