4 Important First Aid Tips You Need to Know

Has someone in your crew cut their hand open?

Fortunately, you can apply many at-home first aid tips until medical professionals arrive on set.

Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, it can be hard to remember every possible treatment for the injury. Don’t worry! By reading this article, you’ll have all the tips to help keep everyone on set, safe, and sound.

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1. Recognizing a Medical Emergency

It is essential to recognize a medical emergency when one is present. Pay close attention to the signs and symptoms of someone exhibiting distress. Pulse, breathing, and skin color are all key indicators.

If someone can be identified as having a medical emergency, don’t wait on 911; begin administering first aid yourself. If the person is unresponsive, make sure they have a clear airway and start providing CPR.

Look all over the body for signs of physical trauma and possible bleeding. If bleeding is present, use a clean dressing to staunch the flow. Call 911 and provide as much detail as possible when requesting medical assistance.

Remain with the patient until medical help arrives. Provide comfort and reassurance as much as possible.

2. Stop Bleeding

Knowing how to provide basic first aid in an emergency is essential. When it comes to stopping bleeding, the crucial first aid tip to remember is first to use clean gloves or hands to protect yourself. Then, apply direct pressure to the wound using a firm object such as a towel, cloth, or bandage.

Medical care may be necessary if a wound is deep or continues to bleed. Do not remove the object for at least 20 minutes or until the bleeding stops. Applying an additional sterile dressing or bandage will help to keep the pressure in place.

3. Treat Burns

When treating burns, the most crucial action is removing the burn’s source. Once the start of the burn has been removed, cool it by running it under cool water or wrapping it in a cold, wet towel. If clothing is still on the burn, immediately remove it unless it is stuck.

4. Managing Fractures

Fractures are serious injuries that require emergency care and should be attended to as soon as possible. It can be hard to know what to do if you find yourself in this situation, but knowing the right first-aid tips can aid in managing fractures. If you must move the injured person, do so only with the help of others and with minimal movement.

Stabilizing the injury with splints or a sling is crucial. Immobilizing the joint above and below the fracture can help to keep it from swelling and reduce the pain. Always keep the injured person warm and comfortable, as this can also reduce pain.

Prioritize These First Aid Tips

First aid is an essential skill that everyone should know. Take the time to learn essential first aid tips and keep a first aid kit readily available.

With proper knowledge and preparation, you can be prepared for various emergencies. Remember that you can make a big difference in someone’s life during an emergency. As the American CPR Care Association offers advanced certifications and refreshers, you can always add to your knowledge. Consider taking an online first-aid course to learn more about lifesaving techniques and build confidence in your skills.

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