YK-11 Overview: All You Need to Know About YK 11

YK-11, although recognized as a SARM, is a myostatin inhibitor. Myostine increases the expression of follistatin, which stops the release myostatin. Myostatin is a hormone that is your body’s choke on growth and development. When there’s lack of myostatin, there’s increased growth in muscle and strength.

YK-11 Myostine was discovered by Japanese scientists in 2011. It’s also a 5-α-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derivative that has a unique molecular structure. Although it has SARM qualities, the compound features a steroidal backbone.

Because the compound is relatively new, researchers need further studies and clinical trials to identify YK-11’s category fully.

Research studies and human trials

The only research done on YK-11 are on cell samples, and there’s no administration of YK-11 on live organisms.

Researchers, however, did observe that application of YK-11 in cell samples resulted in muscle fiber production.

Clinical tests using bone cells from a mouse also gave the result of an increase in bone cells as well as mineralization.

YK-11 Side Effects

Currently, there are no published human and animal studies of YK-11. There’s no conclusive data on the long-term effects of YK-11.

Some researchers do note dose-dependent side effects. Taking YK-11 on high doses will result in a stronger intensity of sides. Professional researchers report joint pain and aggression while taking YK-11. There’s also the possibility of liver toxicity. Those who experiment with YK-11 observe suppression. PCT is highly recommended when you’re done with your research of YK-11.


SelectSARMs make sure that each batch of biotech SARMs we receive pass through a third-party analysis from a US lab. Trust that you only get high-quality and authentic SARMs in every order. Myostine is legal for sale in the United States, European Union, as well as parts of Asia, as long as the buyer will use it strictly for research and lab studies. SelectSARMs products should not be used or labeled as a drug, pesticide or agricultural products, additives, or household chemical. The law strictly prohibits the use of YK-11 Myostine on humans and animals. You can only handle SARMs if you’re a licensed and qualified researcher. YK-11 Myostine is strictly for research purposes only. Please scrutinize your local laws as well as legalities in your area pertaining to purchasing YK-11.

The Foundations of Muscle Building Health & Fitness

These days you are only a quick Google search away from being drowned by an overwhelming amount of information in regards to building muscle and reaching your training goals. Amidst this sea of confusing information it is easy to lose direction – however this month we are here to bring you back to basics and keep you swimming all the way to reach your training goals! Let us go back to school briefly and explore the foundations of training which when done right, make muscle gain and fat loss simple!

Firstly, protein, protein, PROTEIN! You can’t build big muscles without an adequate supply! Think of building muscle as building a house, protein brick by protein brick. Each protein brick is important to make this house big and strong. As a guide, aim for one gram of protein per kg of body weight a day (less active people need less) and that should be spread out over five or six small meals per day. Eating more frequently but in smaller portions requires discipline, however it will keep your body’s metabolism firing and your mind sharp.

Many health experts recommend testosterone boosting supplements to naturally raise testosterone levels along with using SARMs. Best Testosterone Booster Supplements contain natural ingredients like vitamins, mineral, spices, herbs and amino acids, etc. to boost testosterone production in your body. These testosterone supplements boost muscle growth and quadruple your bodybuilding efforts while using SARMs.

Carbohydrates – friends not foes! Good carbohydrates provide long lasting energy and make a perfect pre-workout meal. We need good carbs to fuel our bodies during exercise and perform to our best, and also to prevent this energy being sapped from protein or muscles. Additionally, a common mistake made is not supplying the body with enough good fats. Good fats are an important factor in growth.

A perfect example of this is when bodybuilders diet down for a show. During this period, they are limiting their good fat intake to achieve that super lean stage look. However, during this time they also stop developing muscle. Supply your body with what it needs – a Ferrari won’t run without fuel in the tank.

Sleep in! Sleep is when your body heals and regenerates itself. During sleep, most of your hormones, such as growth hormones and testosterone, are released into your system, allowing your body to recover and grow. The number one overlooked factor in building a better body is rest. Make sure you take your rest day or days seriously! Nutrients and recovery will help you become bigger, stronger and injury free.

Have another drink! And no we don’t mean alcohol, we’re talking about WATER! Water comprises up to 70% of the body and if you are dehydrated, your muscle size suffers as well. One third of muscle construction is water. So, drink up!

And finally, SUPPLEMENTS! The topic we love the most. Why? Because quite simply, supplements work if you work! It’s science. If we are eating correctly and training with intensity there will be results. However sometimes those results can be slow and very hard to achieve even with the right ingredients. This is where SARMs come onto the scene and speed up the process. SARMs have the ability to rapidly repair, strengthen and optimise muscle tissue upon being stimulated by training, it’s like grouping multiple high-intensity workouts into one session from a results perspective.

We are excited about the results from SARMs because you can see and feel the difference even after just a 4 week cycle. SARMs will enhance muscle growth, endurance and shed fat faster than any other supplements on the market.

Finally, remember to constantly challenge yourself by adding different movements, new exercises, heavier weights and shock your body in a good way with a new routine. If you’re performing something you always do, train harder and faster, aiming to do better than you did the last time. And most importantly, have fun and enjoy the journey!

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