Window-cleaning: The challenges you didn’t think about.

Is your family nagging you about the dirty windows of your house and how it barely lets in any light? Are you finally considering cleaning it? If so, remember to take several precautions, because not only will you be at risk of falling from a great height, but if you use the wrong tools, you could get streaky – or worse – broken panes! Whether you do the job yourself or decide to call Window cleaning professionals, here are some of the challenges of widow cleaning:

When to clean?

It makes perfect sense to wait for the rains to pass before you embark on your window cleaning journey. Besides, there’s simply no sense in cleaning windows on snowy days – you can’t risk hypothermia, now, can you? How about summers, then? Well, yes – springs and summers are ideal for outdoor cleaning. But make sure that you (or the professionals) are not exposed to extreme heat. Additionally, if you clean the windows during a heatwave, the cleaning solution may dry out before you wash it, leaving ghastly streaks across the window. The best cleaning is done on moderately hazy days.

What solution to use while cleaning?

Each window is different and may need a different blend of cleaning agents to get to spic and span. Windows near kitchens or in commercial establishments such as cafes – tend to get highly greasy. Window cleaning professionals prefer to tackle such windows with a mix of Window treatment ideas fluid, vinegar, and water. But the secret ingredient is good old elbow grease.

Some windows are streaky as a result of snow exposure. Water vapour condenses on them, causing window-ice. If left for too long, it can even lead to fracture of the panes and frames. If the ice melts, it can even cause mildew formation – which will be a further challenge to remove. You can save yourself the trouble and consult a professional window cleaner if you face window-ice issues.

What paraphernalia to use while cleaning?

If your house has large bay windows and French windows, you will need accessories such as a stepladder, a ladder, or a footstool to access them properly. If you are a commercial establishment, you may not be able to reach the windows on the higher floors without scaffolding, elevators and suspension cables.

For the cleaning, you will need

  • A scrubber and cleaning solution
  • A lint-free cotton rag and a microfiber towel
  • A squeegee with fresh blades
  • A razor scraper for removing hard stains – like paint

What is the best way to clean?

First, you will have you scrub the glass with a scrubber that’s dipped in the cleaning solution. Make sure to cover every inch of the pane with horizontal strokes. If you prefer using vertical strokes, start from the top, so the excess water in the scrubber flows over unclean areas.

Next, clean the margins of the pane with just the corner of your rubber squeegee. Make sure the squeegee is clean and without tears.

Now concentrate on the rest of the pane – place the squeegee’s edge flat on the glass, starting from the top corner. Now with one steady horizontal stroke, wipe the glass clean. Repeat for as many rows as required. Make sure to wipe the squeegee clean on the cloth rag between each swipe. You can angle your squeegee slightly to direct all the water downwards.

Finally, use the microfiber towel to wipe away excess water, streaks, and moisture on the frames. You now have a sparkling, clean window.

Window cleaning can be a daunting task, resulting in suboptimal results if not done well. Window cleaning professionals make your job easier by utilizing their experience to provide you with the best value for money. Whether you decide to clean windows on your own or use the services of a professional, window cleaning is a surmountable challenge if you keep the tips mentioned above in mind.

Author: Cris Dar

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