Why use an SSL certificate for your website?

The Internet has evolved a lot therefore the need for security and protection has also been on the rise. It is crucial to keep the content or website out of the reach of hackers and online criminals. 

Google is the largest search engine that also wants to keep things safe and encourage a safe web browsing experience for users. 

To do so, it is recommended to use HTTPS that ensures that the data sent by your computer to the browser is protected and encrypted. 

Google has also shared that websites without  HTTPS are not secure. Thus, the need for an SSL certificate has aroused. SSL certificate is what makes your website URL start with HTTPS and mark it as green. This ensures that the website is safe. Moreover, it also plays a critical role in making your business or personal blog grow.

Here are some points explaining why you must use an SSL certificate for your website.

  • Site security is improved

SSL certificate helps secure the website data that is transmitted to or from your website. Such as login details, signup, and sign-in information, payments, and personal data. Thus, an SSL certificate improves site security and protects the visitor’s data from hackers. 

  • Subdomains are protected

The security of SSL certificates is not limited to the main domain only. But it also protects the linked subdomains as well. If you are the one running a huge website with a lot of subdomains, then a single SSL certificate will be enough to make all subdomains protected. You will just have to install the certificate to each subdomain.

  • Development of customer’s trust

Customer trust is the critical thing that any businessman faces. Especially for online businesses, it is very important to gain customer trust and earn revenue. With an SSL certificate, the customers trust your business. The padlock appearing in the URL of your website is a sign of security for the customers. In the absence of an SSL certificate, the website shows the tag of “UNSAFE” that prohibits visitors from landing at your website. 

  • SEO Ranking

SEO ranking is what everyone is after.  The ranking is linked with an SSL certificate. Google boosts websites with an SSL certificate. Thus, it can be a beneficial fact especially when your competitors don’t have the SSL certificate.

  • Verified Identity

With an SSL certificate, the websites and users can verify their identity by following a little 3rd party process. Many fake websites that are not able to verify this process can’t get an SSL certificate. In this way, an SSL certificate gives a surety that your website is not FAKE!

  • PCI/DSS requirements

For online payment websites such as an online store, it is important to fulfill the requirements of PCI/DSS. About 12 requirements need to be fulfilled for running any online payment services. One of them is an SSL certificate. So, it explains why you must install an SSL certificate for your website.

How to get an SSL certificate?

Web hosting companies offer SSL certificates. Big hosting companies in Pakistan also offer it for free with hosting purchases. Whereas, you can also purchase it. It can be costly but the benefits of an SSL certificate makes it worth your money. Serversea.pk also includes a free SSL certificate under its Gold shared hosting plan.


SSL certificate is like a security guard hired at the entrance of the website. It keeps an eye on all the transmissions being made. It protects the data of the website and keeps it away from hackers. Google likes and promotes websites having an SSL certificate. So, it is better to get an SSL certificate ASAP from a reliable Web hosting company in Pakistan. Most Web hosting companies offer a free domain name registration with SSL certificate in their web hosting plan.

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