Why Giving Water Is The Best Sadaqah Jariyah


We are well aware that Sadaqah Jariyah is a blessed type of charity that provides us with innumerable advantages both in this life and in the Hereafter. It is the present that keeps on giving. The little spark that can cause a flame to burst. And, if donating one glass of water is still the best Sadaqah, think how many blessings we may gain by constructing a permanent source of water for the ummah. When you contribute a water well or a water pump, you are providing a future for the community.

However, providing water to destitute areas is the best type of Sadaqah Jariyah because it allows the needy to fulfill their commitment to Allah (SWT) and do Wudhu.

What is the best Sadaqah in Islam?

Why Giving Water Is The Best Sadaqah Jariyah

This varies according to the donor’s and receiver’s circumstances. For instance, if one is hungry, the best sadaqah is to alleviate one’s appetite. If one has a debt-ridden friend, the best sadaqah is to pay off his debts.

According to hadith-i sharifs:

(The best sadaqah is to give water.) [Nasai].

Water is a boon from Allah (SWT) that we frequently use every day, but during Ramadan, we become more aware of the challenges encountered by those who do not have access to safe water, thanks to Allah’s kindness. Giving water is a highly encouraged deed in Islam, and its benefits are increased throughout this auspicious month.

Because the ummah depends on water not just for drinking but also for washing, cooking, hydrating animals, and watering crops, your contribution secures a sustainable economy for everyone in the community and the community as a whole.

What does Quran say about Charity?

  • ‘When the Prophet of Allah (saw) was questioned, “Which charity is the best?” He responded, “[Providing] water.” [Abu Dawud].
  • In the Qur’an, Allah states, ‘Using water, we give life to everything.’ (21:30 in the Qur’an)

As a way of life, Islam encourages its believers to reach out with open hands and contribute to charity. Charity, along with prayer, is frequently highlighted in the Quran as one of the factors that distinguish real believers. Furthermore, the Quran frequently utilizes the phrase “regular charity,” implying that generosity is best practiced as a continuing and steady action, rather than a one-time event for a unique cause. As a Muslim, charity should be woven into the very fabric of your being.

The Quran mentions charity numerous times. The following verses are exclusively from the second chapter, Surah Al-Baqarah.

  • “They want to know how much money they should give to charity. Say: Whatever good you spend is for parents, relatives, orphans, those in need, and wayfarers. And whatever good you do, Allah is perfectly aware of it ” (2:215).
  • “Charity is for people in need who, for Allah’s sake, are confined (from travel) and cannot wander across the nation seeking (trade or labor).” (Section 2:273).

How much for a water pump?

Water is essential to life, but millions of people who are already impoverished do not have access to affordable and secure water sources. A hand pump for a family or a communal well or water station can change people’s lives. Water that is healthy and sanitary enhances health; it provides security and stability, and it relieves women and children of the everyday job of trekking for hours to get water. That time could be better spent seeking education and a career. A donor who offers pure water as Sadaqah Jariyah receives continual graces for themselves and their loved ones.

You can drastically transform the lives of thousands of impoverished women and you can also donate a water pump here for £150. It is a wonderful example of Sadaqah Jariyah since the communities will prosper from your water pump donation for many years to come. Insha’Allah, every drop of water you drink or use for washing will bring you abundant recompense.


Through the ultimate Sadaqah Jariyah chain reaction, the gift of water can frequently bring communities back to life. Clean water results in healthier cattle, healthier people, more children in school, more women working, better agriculture, and more sustainable livelihoods.

By constructing a well in a poor neighborhood, you will receive the reward for all of these things, in that Allah.

That’s why giving water in Islam, is the pinnacle of Sadaqah Jariyah.

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