Why Clothes Matter

People tend to judge based on appearance. Men or women alike have a standard in their mind for appropriate attire, depending on the circumstance. However, have you noticed the critical accessory most men need? Regardless of the occasion, a man looks more attractive when clad in a well-fitting men’s suit jacket. When it comes to formality, nothing comes close to the suit jacket and matching pants, which are second only to the tailcoat and tuxedo in terms of importance in today’s menswear industry.

Value of Understanding your Body Type

Choosing the right suit requires science, as the body measurements differ, so the jacket construction must conform to the wearer’s physique. You do not need to have your outfit custom made, but understanding your body type and what suit jacket design is flattering to use will help you choose designs that are more flattering for your body type. The key is acknowledging what you need to accentuate and tweaking the construction to best fit you.

Basic Body Types

  • Triangle

Compared to the rest of their bodies, most men are prone to being bigger around the waist and hips, mainly as they grow older. It results in a natural triangle form, with a broader waist as compared to the narrower chest.

Having a triangle body shape does not always indicate that you are in poor health. Nonetheless, it might make it difficult to locate clothing that makes your complete body seem proportionate. Most men’s apparel is meant to have the opposite effect, and it is broad at the top and narrower at the bottom.

  • Inverted Triangle

This body type has the shape of a large triangle, with broader shoulders and chest as compared to narrower waist and hips.

Every week, you most likely spend many hours at the gym building up an impressive muscular pump. Exercise sessions that are too intense result in exaggerated shoulders and thighs, as well as a trim waistline

  • Rectangular

Men with a rectangular body type are often tall and skinny, with a broad chest and broad shoulders. The width of their shoulders is approximately the same as their waist and hips.

  • Oval

In a bigger guy, the centre of the torso is wider than the shoulders and hips. The rest of the build tends to reflect this, with shorter limbs that widen at their midpoints.

Oval-shaped men want clothes that do a bit of slimming and framing.

  • Trapezoid

Dress in sleek and fitted garments to show off your athletic body structure. Take advantage of current aesthetics that are influenced by sports.

If you have an average physique and are of average height, you may find yourself blending in with the rest of the crowd. Make an effort to include a few standout touches in your ensemble. Even a little coloured pocket square in the jacket’s breast pocket may make a big difference. Likewise, a nice watch and a nice pair of shoes have a comparable impact.

While well-tailored clothing can make you appear attractive and successful, a suit that does not fit appropriately will have the opposite effect on your appearance. Unfortunately, most are prone to making snap decisions based on our first impressions of someone.

Men’s suit jacket that is either too large or too tiny or fits awkwardly can leave a wrong initial impression on your audience. You should avoid wearing a suit that doesn’t fit correctly unless you want others to believe you’re careless, uneducated, or apathetic.

Author: Alison Lurie

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