Which areas of Dubai are the most profitable for real estate investment

The United Arab Emirates remains one of the most popular countries for foreigners to buy real estate. The leading demand positions belong to Dubai. There are many areas in the metropolis where non-residents can buy a property: District One, Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina. These are just a few of the possible options, the names of which are widely known far beyond the UAE. However, when choosing an apartment, it is not very advisable to focus only on the degree of area popularity. First, it is necessary to determine the specific goals of the purchase, and only then to study the infrastructure and market offers.

Best areas of Dubai to live in

The following communities are in the same demand:

  • Dubai Marina is the leader among sales in 2021. The choice of real estate is quite wide, you can choose both an apartment and a villa.
  • Jumeriah Beach is a concentration of luxury real estate. The apartments here have a fairly high price, but the area itself has a good geographical location and developed infrastructure.
  • Emirates Hills is perfect for pensioners and families with children. The rhythm of life is calmer than in regions with a tourist flow, lots of greenery, as well as affordable prices.
  • Green Community is suitable for connoisseurs of a secluded lifestyle. Villas dominate among the buildings. A distinctive feature is a large amount of greenery.

Real estate from large state developers who not only rent fully ready-to-live residential projects, but also work on the development of the infrastructure of adjacent territories is preferable.

Promising areas for the purpose of investment in apartments

An apartment in Dubai can bring an annual income of up to 7-8% of the cost. But for this, it must be in a community that is in demand among tourists. It includes:

  • Downtown Dubai is the center of the metropolis with walking distance to all popular attractions.
  • Palm Jumeirah is a man-made island that has become the hallmark of the country and it is associated with luxury.
  • District 2020. The location has gained increased popularity since the opening of Expo-2020. In the future, it will also be actively developed.
  • Dubai Creek Harbor. Real estate here has been rapidly rising in price since the construction of the tallest tower in the world began. It will compete with Burj Khalifa and attract tourists.
  • Emar Beachfront is a relatively young location in the city. Tourists are attracted by a private beach, an observation lighthouse, an embankment with cruise yachts.

Summing up the potentially promising areas for investment, it is worth noting that the best investment option will be those that are located in close proximity to the coast.

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