Where to find reliable wholesale pipes and bongs in China?

Were you looking for sources to buy reliable wholesale pipes and bongs in China? Worry not. We got your back.

Since ancient times, China has had a culture of engaging in smoking activities as a tradition, get-together, and for fun & pleasure. Even today, they supposedly have a vast bong-smoking community. So, it is easy to find varieties of pipes and bongs that would effectively enhance the smoking rounds.

With generations of bong communities, you can quickly order wholesale pipes from China through multiple online platforms. You must find the most reputable and relevant wholesale bong manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the best quality products. Making a good connection with smoking accessories wholesalers would later help improve your online smoking business.

Having said that, here is a list of some of China’s most popular and reputable wholesale pipes and bongs suppliers.

Pipe Supplier

Based in China, Pipe Supplier is the manufacturing excellence and designer of high-quality steel, wood, ceramic smoking accessories, and glassware. They are considered to apply advanced manufacturing solutions to produce the best products for the whole of China and its partners.

You would not be disappointed with the prices with high-quality smoking accessories like glass bongs, pipes, and ashtrays. Pipe Supplier is excellent for exports of glass products from its world-class production unit in Hebei province of China. Suppose you want smoking accessories made of wood. In that case, they have a separate facility dedicated to producing wood exports in the Zhejiang province of China.

They manufacture unparalleled standard and intricate smoking accessories whose quality and price would awe you. Talented local artisans are employed to integrate traditional and advanced manufacturing techniques to make top-notch products. Every single product of theirs goes through several quality checks. So, our top suggestion for your wholesale bongs China is Pipe Supplier.

Xiangmei Glass Co. Ltd

With over a decade of experience in manufacturing glass bongs and water pipes, Xiangmei Glass Company is one of the leading wholesalers and manufacturers of smoking accessories in China. Their products commonly include water pipes, oil rigs, glass pipes, bubblers, ash catchers, dabbing kits, joint accessories, and many more. These products are all available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. You will be amazed at the material options as well.

As one of China’s fastest-growing glass-made smoking accessories manufacturers, they have distributors worldwide ranging from the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. They have a strong foothold in the international market. They employ skilled workers besides advanced computer modeling and glass melt machines. The products you find there are like no other as they apply patented original designs to their production.

Tianjin Bee Trade Co. Ltd

Are you looking to get customized smoking accessories to make your collection unique? Then, Tianjin Bee Trade Company is the one for you. Even if you run a business, you can get customized products to maintain the authenticity of your business among your customers.

Tianjin Bee Trade is not just a manufacturer of smoking products. They are online sellers, distributors, and agents. Their smoking products go to international markets in Asia, Europe, America, Australasia, South Africa, etc. While their main products are glass bongs and pipes, they also make jars, double cups, and other glassware. And note, they use the best high borosilicate glass to make their glass smoking accessories.

The best thing about this wholesaler is not only the excellent glassware. They have convenient logistics operations that deliver fast.

Yantraco Retail Inc

Yantraco Retail has over a decade of production experience in smoking accessories. They are professional exporters and manufacturers of many other things besides smoking products. Yantraco runs as a trading company, distributor, online seller, retailer, manufacturer, and many more.

However, their main product is the bong they produce using hand-blown borosilicate glassware. At this point, their international export market is only Australasia.

Hebei Clean & Clear Glass Co. Ltd (C&C Glass)

C&C Glass has been in this smoking glassware manufacturing industry for about ten years. You can blindly buy their smoking accessories as they use only the borosilicate double wall glass to manufacture the glass bongs and pipes. While that is their primary business product, they also produce other items from the same material, like high-quality glass drinkware. That includes glass bottles, bar glass, glass coffee ware, wine glass, etc. As for the glass smoking ware, you get glass pipes, glass bongs, glass bubblers, waterfall bongs, water pipes, etc.

Like many other reputable and high-quality glass smoking ware production facilities, C&C Glass also integrates sophisticated handmade craftsmanship. If necessary, you can even order wholesale, customized glass smoking ware. That would help improve and set up better business partnerships with them.

Therefore, these are the few wholesale suppliers and manufacturers in China who deal with glass pipes and bongs.

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