What your followers matter in each social network

What your followers matter in social networks? More followers, better results? The importance of the number of followers is relative. What does it depend on? Whether they are real followers or not (bots); whether they correspond to your definition of ideal customer (which are for whom you have designed your products or services); If you need them to discover your content (is a follower on Instagram the same as on Pinterest or YouTube? NO). In this article, I want to explain to you what your followers matter on each social network.

I’d been stressed for a few months because of my number of followers.

Because it did not grow, it did not advance. And I felt trapped by that number. I looked at other people’s accounts and saw much higher numbers.

I was distressed. I compared myself. I got angry and got stressed again. It was a tyranny. A dictatorship that was measured in the number of likes or followers. See https://botsurfer.com.

This is me now.

But it really has nothing to do with the number of followers of my Instagram. Or you have to see everything. Because it hides a reality that eventually I am going to have to face: why this need for followers. What’s behind? Admiration? Applause? Hot. Need approval? This is red hot. Lack of trust? I’m burning.

And now comes reflection and learning.

Do followers guarantee you sell more? Does getting more followers to solve your business problems? They can solve your visibility problem (but with various algorithms you never know), but if your content is still mediocre, poorly organized. If you do not have a clear aim or a strategy to help you achieve them… you are on social networks to be there. And wasting time too. If you buy 5000 Instagram followers and maintain your content well, you’re on the right track.

Followers on different social networks

Depending on the social network in which you work, increasing the number of followers will interest you more or less. That is, one of your goals will be to increase that number, but not to give your ego a taste, or to be better than others, but because it helps you achieve your goals (more subscribers, more traffic, etc.).

And several things influence this:

– How is this social network mainly used: is it a search engine? Or do we follow people and brands?

– The aim that best helps to achieve that social network: if you want to create a community through Pinterest and traffic through Instagram, you will have it a little more difficult than if you do it the other way around. Pinterest is better for traffic and Instagram for the community (although you can work on the other goals as well).

– Followers are of medium importance on Pinterest. Not because you have a greater number of followers will you get more traffic. Which is, in the end, the goal. This morning I was listening to a podcast on Pinterest marketing and it gave the example of 2 accounts. One with 10K followers and the other with 50K followers whose traffic was equal. SAME. So the answer is not the number of followers. Because in addition, on Pinterest people are going to look for a concrete solution. It does not search for a brand (unlike Instagram).

How to assess the importance of your followers by the social network

I am going to analyze each social network from the point of view of the importance of the follower. Social networks in which to see content from a certain person, you have to be their follower or be in their network of contacts.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are social networks that show you content in your news section (or feed) of people/accounts/brands that you follow. Because you have requested it (Facebook or LinkedIn) or because they have a public profile and you can do it (Instagram, Twitter). I’m not forgetting that you can still see content from people who are not on your network through hashtags (both on Instagram and Facebook), but 70% of the content that appears in your feed is from accounts you follow. Followers and likes are important, for example if you work on your Vimeo, you should buy vimeo likes but you need to make sure your content is of high quality.

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