What to Know About Finding a Painting Company in Tampa, FL

Here in Florida, we all know how hard it can be to get things done when the weather is out of control.  Whether it’s really hot, pouring rain, or excessively humid out, it’s hard to justify wanting to paint the inside or outside of your home on your own.  To say that it can be a big chore is putting it lightly.

Is there really any other option, though?  Based on the title of this article, you’ve probably already figured out that yes, there is a way to avoid all of this hassle.  Namely, you can hire a professional painting company.  Tampa has no shortage of them, but the tricky bit is picking one that really suits your needs. 

Today, we’re going to go over some of the things that you may want to keep in mind as you make your selection.  While sites like this one https://www.consumerreports.org/home-garden/painting/ideal-outdoor-temperature-range-exterior-paint-a5147059904/,  might cover how you can do it on your own, they don’t usually explain some of the other options that are available. 

Why Hire a Professional?

First thing’s first – let’s discuss why you might want to bring in the pros rather than do it on your own to start with!  It may seem like it’s a waste of money, but when we dig into it a bit further, you start to see why that’s not the case.  Although Florida is an amazing state, there’s no denying that the weather can put a damper on projects like this sometimes.

The thing is, we at home usually don’t have the resources to be able to charge ahead even when it’s raining (for external paint jobs, at least).  However, most of the pros tend to be able to continue even in inclement weather (barring, you know, a hurricane).  Really, though, that’s just one reason that it can be beneficial.

Obviously, it’s a way to reduce our own workload and stress.  That’s pretty much a given here, but we still wanted to mention it.  Stress levels have been on the rise for most Americans in the past several years, and Florida is no exception.  You can see some statistics on it on this page if you’re keen. 

The reason that we bring this up is that if we can find ways to reduce our levels of stress and worry, it can be very helpful.  Trying to fuss with painting all on our own isn’t exactly easy, and it can be a real headache.  So, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention this as one of the positives.

What Attributes to Look for In Professional Painters

Now that we’ve covered some of the perks behind hiring professionals to handle the painting, let’s discuss what you might want to do in terms of what you’ll be searching for.  As we mentioned, there are a ton of options in the Tampa area.  What could set a group apart, then?


Perhaps one of the most important things that can set a certain company apart is having competitive pricing.  Seeing as there are a lot of options available to us, there is absolutely going to be plenty of competition between them.  This means that the rates for service need to be able to be compared to the rest, while the quality remains high as well.  So, be prepared to start looking at the rates!


Another huge trait that we might find in a professional painting company is their ability to communicate.  Ideally, you’ll want one that offers an expedient service with excellent communication.  You shouldn’t have to wait days between the responses.

This obviously includes not just the consultation phase, but also during the process of having your home painted.  It’s good to be in the loop in regard to what is happening, after all, so this is definitely something you’ll want to ask about when you first meet the contractor.  Our next point ties into this one, so keep it in mind.

Scheduling and Keeping Disruptions to a Minimum

Part of the reason why many of us hire professionals to paint either the exterior or the interior of our homes is because of our busy schedules.  It’s a challenge to set aside that huge chunk of time.  That does mean that scheduling a contractor might be somewhat of a pain point.

Of course, there are plenty that offer minimally disruptive options for their customers.  Take Brothers Colors Painting of Tampa, Florida as an example of that – it’s one of their core policies.  This sort of thing may be helpful depending on your needs, so consider looking into it if you are worried about not being able to use spaces in your house at any point.

Painting Quality

We would be remiss to discuss this topic without mentioning the actual quality of the work being done.  Obviously, we want a painter who can give us high quality results.  That means no streaking, no staining, and few-to-no mistakes.  Our instructions should really be followed to the T. 

How can we really figure out if this is going to be the case when we’re in a consultation, though?  Well, you could always ask to check out some of their previous work, for one thing.  Additionally, you can check out reviews that other customers have left to see if they were satisfied.  Either can work.

Reliable Services

For our final facet of ideal painting services, we’ll mention that they should be reliable.  What do we mean by this, though?  Well, it mostly means that they are a contractor or company that you can trust to get the job done. 

That means that it should be completed on time and with excellent quality, of course.  Really, this one ties in everything else that we’ve mentioned so far.  While it might seem like a tall order to find all of these attributes, trust us – it’s well worth the effort it might take to find one.  When the paint job is finished, you’ll be pleased by the results.

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