What to Expect in Halfway Houses in Oklahoma?

Active addicts don’t go to halfway houses. You need to have undergone a medical detox, plus a recovery program of 30 or 90 days to be eligible for living in the house. However, people who are undergoing addiction treatment, but have no place to stay, can also live in the house.

But, if your family member or friend is an active addict and you are fed up with their activities, you cannot simply send them to a house. You must enroll them in a recovery program and then search for “halfway houses near me.”

Cost of a house

The houses are usually affordable. Typically, they range between $100 and$500 per month. You can also find expensive houses that cost around $2000 or more per month. These are laced with luxury and are often famous.

Sober living homes come at all sizes and prices. It depends on your preferences and what kind of house is available in your area.

Do the houses benefit all? 

Just like there are schools and universities where students learn particular subjects, there are halfway houses in Oklahoma. The latter teaches you to learn de-addiction and to live a sober life.

Now, it depends on the student how they apply the knowledge outside. There are incidents wherein people relapse after leaving the house. However, such cases are few. A typical halfway house in Oklahoma is so strict in its rules and programs that inmates hardly relapse after leaving. They transform their lives amazingly and sobriety becomes their second nature.

Dealing with alcoholism day after day

Alcoholics are not bad people. Well, not all of them. According to psychologists, drinking alcohol is just a symptom of an underlying problem in the life of an alcoholic.

When an addict joins a recovery program, the therapist tries to find out the underlying problem. This is hard work. People don’t open up easily. There are layers of emotions to be explored. Once they are ready to “peel” the layers, they discover the real reason for their drinking problem.

It is usually seen that alcoholics have a troubled past or a troubled present. They are unable to cope mentally and this drives them towards alcohol. It’s like they need something to “hold on to.” Therapy sessions help you detect triggers. You learn how to deal with them. You also learn how to deal with daily life stresses.

Coming to a halfway house gives people a chance to set a healthy routine. They learn to live in a sober manner, something they had forgotten to do for a long time. It’s like preparing for a new and better life ahead.

Common mental issues that recovering addicts face:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Personality disorders
  • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

That’s why experts recommend recovering addicts spend a few months in a sober living facility before heading home. This gives them a chance to address their issues and recover completely in body, mind, and spirit.

For more information on such facilities and to locate a facility near you, please visit Halfway House Directory.

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