What Social Media Trend Will Emerge In 2022

Social media has evolved.

Now, we miss all those simple status updates!

Not that much.

Now, we are welcoming to selling products and growing the digital communities. With every passing day, new social media features and tools are saying hello to the market. We can expect a never-ending collection of them.

Due to these, we are getting the opportunity to experiment with our audiences along with finding new ways to connect with them.

Become recognised on Instagram always needs special attention and coping up with the latest trends.

Some Social Media Trends That Will Emerge In 2022

In the last few years, social media has become more of a business promoting and connection developing platform than just posting beautiful photos, videos, and content that will only fill the news feed.

Social media platforms have a lot more things to offer us, which are in the queue. In 2022, experts are expecting the following trends to take over the social media space.

Trend 1: The Overall Creator Economy Will Boom

More than $100 billion!

The creator economy is worth this massive amount in the market.

And, the experts are saying it is just the beginning. A number of platforms have already started to invest huge amounts in the creator marketplace along with the creator tools. LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok are some of them.

As the social media space is bending towards the eCommerce space, investing totally makes sense.

Trend 2: Short-term Vertical Videos Will Stay

Short-term vertical video is on the trend.

All credit goes to Instagram reels and the popularity of TikTok. Along with being one of the most engaging forms of storytelling and a great way of increasing sales, video content is now the current favorite of audiences.

We all know how much more engaging videos are on Instagram than any other form of content. The whole purpose of launching IGTV is to offer solutions to the users in the video format.

Trend 3: More Streamlined Social Commerce

When the eCommerce space is expanding, social commerce is also rising. It is just a subset of traditional commerce. Social commerce includes the following.

  • Click-to-purchase.
  • Product discovery.
  • Post-purchase support.

You might get shocked to know that, by 2025, in the United States, social commerce is predicted to grow to around $80 billion.

Apart from that, 71% of the small businesses are thinking about selling their products on social media; that number is increasing on a daily basis.

Trend 4: Memes, Memes, And Memes!

We all love good memes.


In 2020, we were predicting that memes were going to have an even bigger moment. Here, we are talking about both video and static memes. We have seen big brands are seriously using memes for promoting their products and business.

Some popular meme accounts are also partnering with big brands to promote their businesses in a creative and interesting way.

Trend 5: Social Media Posts As A Currency

Do you know, you can actually pay for a product with a social media post?

Yes, this is actually possible in 2022, and this thing has just started. We have already experienced an Ontario-based company where the customers were getting free limited edition items just by posting on social media.

In the same way, another business had allowed its customers to pay for their product in return “TikTok currency.” This way, the business gained brand awareness along with free user-generated content.

When the entire globe is opening up again, the brands are beginning to plan in-person events. We can expect a rise to this type of trend.

Trend 6: A Focus On Diversity And Accountability

In 2020, we witnessed several big brands have spoken out against racism, with promises to learn, listen, and do better.

After 2 years, the question still remains.

What is next?

As per the recent reports, we have found that between BIPOC and white influencers, the pay gap is around 29%. It means we have a long way to go. However, inclusion and diversity should not be a so-called “social media trend” ever.

Still, we are predicting that an ongoing conversation will be there and hold brands responsible for the promises they actually have made to their followers.

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