What is Vector Art & Why Does It Matter for Printing?

The world of digital printing, designing and visual marketing has evolved beyond bounds and is creating quite a ripple in the industry. More and more people are investing in newer technologies and creative ideologies to bring about a unique touch and distinct element in their approach towards marketing their products in the industry. 

In this regard, digital marketers and designers are always looking for something amazing to add to their company portfolio that can make customers come to them again and again. Vector artwork services are one such element in the digital space that more and more designers and digital marketers have come to rely on for their marketing requirements. 

Vector artwork is one of the mainstream methods of printing and creating artwork based from literally any kind of inspiration on a variety of material and in a plethora of formats, practically forgoing the limitations of manual designing and artwork creation. 

What is Vector Artwork?

Vector Artwork services are becoming the new age marketing and designing trend in the digital space. Designers and marketers are collaborating and coming together on new formats through which advertisement and marketing based material can be brought to life on a plethora of platforms by exploring raster to vector conversion and adding a host of features to such converted images. 

The best part about vector artworks is that the inspiration for these artworks can come from literally any source, even a simple MS word file or a picture, and a designer will still be able to use it in a full digital designing capacity to create marketing or ad material. 

Another attractive feature is that it is not limited to digital or print media, vector artworks can be used to create designs and artwork on various mediums such as glass, fabric, wood, plastic, screens, metal etc.

The applications of vector artwork services are unlimited and can be used on a variety of things for a  variety of reasons and can be extremely useful for any kind of decorative usage, garmenting industry usage and productions and a host of other industries. 

Vector Artwork and its Applications in Printing

Printing is a vague terminology used to describe the process of garment production where a print or a design is created on a piece of garment using screens and inks. Printing itself is a very complicated and highly sophisticated process that has evolved from simple screen printing to high level computerised machine prints that can print thousands of designs on fabric in a given period of time with little to no effort and zero error. 

Vector Artwork services are highly useful for the printing industry as many clothing manufacturers can provide raster images to the designer and ask for high quality edited design for the same that needs to be used for all their garments. It could be as simple as a logo of the company to as complex as a full-blown design on the front, back, and sleeves. 

Using Vector Artwork services, designers can take in raster images of any format such as Word, PowerPoint, pictures such as jpeg and png and create vector files with high-resolution designs that can be used by digital print machines anywhere using formats that are most widely used by designing machines such as DXF, WMF, AI, CDR, PDF, etc. 

This can then be used to create Screenprints, direct to garment prints, sublimation prints, film prints, etc for any kind of garment. 

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