What is effective teaching? Why teaching is important?

Effective teaching

Effective teaching has many definition with respect to many different perspectives but here it might be probable to look into it with a focus on teachers’ perspective.

Effective teaching can be categorized based upon following dimensions:

  • Teacher’s behavior

Effective teaching is most notably influenced by the behavior of the teacher in the study environment and contemporarily towards the students. The environment can have positive and negative effects on the teacher’s behavior which in turn can influence greatly effectiveness of the teaching itself.

Teachers’ behavior towards the students marks the signals that can show the extent of the effectiveness the teacher is having on the students because different students react to different types of behaviors by the teachers. Students learn in the image of the teachers as showed by many research studies conducted over time in all of the human demographics till date.

  • Teacher’s knowledge

One more influential aspect of effective teaching is the knowledge that the teacher possesses and to the extent it is being effectively transferred to the student by the teacher.

Teachers’ knowledge of the subject matter greatly influences the effectiveness of the teaching for the students because of the soft and hard effects that bring into the environment itself such as the confidence that comes with knowledge might affect the effectiveness of teaching for the students.

The knowledge of the teacher must be in coherence with the level of the students that are being taught and the response from the students must be positive in order to make the teaching more effective.

  • Teacher’s beliefs

The overall belief and outlook on life itself of teacher might influence the effectiveness of the teaching that is being carried out by the particular teacher. This must follow as to the general perspective and philosophy about matters of existence a teacher possesses. The view of the teacher on life and subject matter must be in accordance with the areas of tuition to the students such as a teacher in science must not be ignorant of science to communicate knowledge effectively to the students in order to carry out most effective teaching.

  • Teaching methodology

Effective teaching is partly influenced by the teaching methodology employed in resonance with the subject matter being taught to the students at their corresponding level of competence.

Effective methodology in turn calls upon effective teaching to greatly benefit the student and the teacher contemporarily.

Different methods affect differently student’s intellect and students in turn respond to different methods in different ways such as some respond to projects other might respond to effective illustrations.

Importance of teaching

Importance of teaching can be observed in the fact that everybody needs to be taught something at some point to get effectively in the life. So, the importance of teaching can never be ignored.

  • Social norms

The importance of teaching lies in the societal norms that must be taught to younger generations in order to keep the balance of the world in check. Teaching effectively can make a small child do big things for the betterment of the society on more levels than anybody can imagine. Society needs teaching to survive since the antiquity and all archaic evidence points to elaborate this fact in one way or the other.

  • Human perspective

It is important to progress through life and this can only be possible now-a-days through effective teaching and careful methodology must be adopted to teach students of all ages, better life skills. Even Alexander the great in 300 BC was taught by his teachers and so must every child in this era.


With the arguments thus presented it can safely be concluded that teaching is very important and has been this way since the start of the human civilization. But effective teaching is most important as it maximizes the effect that teaching has on the students and overall society in terms of the betterment and advantages involved.

To teach and be taught is important but to be taught and teach effectively is more important than ever in these uncertain times and one must look inwards to bring the best in oneself by teaching his/herself the best of skills.

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