What are the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress?

Since its launch WordPress has taken the internet world by storm. It also brings its advantages and disadvantages to theory and practice. This has been possible due to many benefits that WordPress CMS brings to the table for clients and developers alike. Both sides can benefit from WordPress in many possible ways.

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This exposition sheds light on some of the advantages and disadvantages that WordPress have as in comparison to all other website development tools out there.

Some might disagree but these advantages and disadvantages have come from industry experience and the disagreement can find its way in based upon differences in experience. You can also visit the website.

Advantages of WordPress:


The biggest advantage of WordPress is its adaptability as a CMS. Every ting is manageable and is just a click away. To maneuver your way through WordPress the developer only needs basic skills, and much can be done as long anybody knows basic computing and language. Things can be adjusted on the move and with utmost ease. There is a lot of room for customization with the themes.


If asked about the most actionable advantage of WordPress, then one can point towards the plugins without thinking a lot. WordPress can never have had such popularity if not for its plugins. They come in all shapes and sizes. WordPress plugins can range from simple to more complex. It is on the developer to choose from the best out there based upon the functionality and ease of use.


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The advantage and disadvantages of WordPress can never be complete unless ecommerce is listed in the advantages. WordPress has enabled whole of the internet to become a single big marketplace with products of all shapes, sizes, and qualities.


In terms of overall performance WordPress comes out on top because of its minimal code feature. WordPress is designed with the least amount of code required which increases the website performance in respect to speed and loading objects.

WordPress can compete with any other platforms out there in terms of updates it receives every once in a while. This leads to better performance checks on all levels.

There is a wide variety of professional themes available to use with the WordPress platform to enhance both the aesthetics, compatibility, and connectivity of the content on the websites to the customers. The themes are also cost friendly just like the plugins on WordPress. Recent advantage to Word press is the mobile friendly version of the websites made on WordPress.

Disadvantages of WordPress:

For the bitter part, there are some minor disadvantages to WordPress.

Custom layouts:

Most developers find the customized layouts to be difficult in terms of navigation through them as they might come tricky at places. Also, the design process can get a bit messy and time taking but this can be cures by using themes.

Learning Curve:

WordPress, with all its ease do come with a pre-ordained learning curve that is a must to navigate the muddy waters of web development. Some basics are learned before trying out more complex works with WordPress.


Statistically speaking, more websites made in WordPress are prone to malwares being installed but this can be kept in check by constantly monitoring the CMS. It also depends a lot on web hosting.


To put in a final word, it can be said with utmost confidence that in these times of eCommerce boom the majority websites are on WordPress, so do forums and blogs. This creates a lot of pressure on developers to develop and maintain websites on WordPress, simply because everybody is using it.

Aside from everybody already using it, WordPress do provide with pretty good benefits in terms of SEO and Search Engine ranking factors in particular. It can easily be said the Websites on WordPress are SEO friendly. So, go out and try it for yourself.

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