Want an Online Education Platform? Here Are a Few to Try!

Learning a skill you can sell? Or are you just learning new topics for fun and hobbies?

Whatever the purpose, an online learning platform is what you need. They’re accessible, easy to use, and are almost standard for self-development.

Plus, they’re a lot more flexible in what they offer. You can learn at your own pace, and get classes on all kinds of odd topics!

And the best part is, you get content you won’t find in a normal college.

With that, there are multiple platforms to learn online. Explore the options below, and pick what suits you best!

#1 – Daisie

Daisie is a new app that offers live classes every day for film, photography, art, music, design and crypto. Daisie is the perfect way to learn new skills and improve your current ones. With Daisie, you can take classes at your own pace, and ask questions of your instructors in real time. Classes are small and intimate, so you can really get the most out of each one. And with a variety of instructors from all over the world, you’re sure to find someone who can help you with whatever you’re trying to learn. So whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Daisie is the perfect place to improve your skills.

#2 – Udemy

Want to explore a new topic? Udemy is a good starting point. The platform acts as a repository or portal, giving students access to 100K+ courses on all kinds of topics.

Categories include fitness courses, music, arts, and language. More technical topics are available, such as IT, programming, productivity business skills, and more.

You can even find lessons on lifestyle and personal development!

Course design is also easy on Udemy. There isn’t a standard format, and courses can be made with video, audio, multimedia, quizzes, and more!

Students can also previous classes, do get a 1-month refund if they’re not satisfied.

#3 – MasterClass

This offers a lot more than creative courses. The platform takes big names and makes them teachers to the masses. Think of famous writers, musicians, artists, and A-list actors.

Classes aren’t one-of and short either. They come in a chain of lessons making up an entire course, letting you deeply explore any topic.

Courses offered on MasterClass tend to be in video form. They come with detailed demonstrations and practical advice you can follow per class. In fact, class discussions and workbooks are also available.

MasterClass operates on subscriptions. You can pay $15 a month and get unlimited access. However, you’ll need to renew your account each year.

#4 – Skillshare

Many platforms online provide college-level classes. Skillshare isn’t one of them. While you can get that kind of content, Skillshare focuses more on creative skills.

The platform does offer marketing and business classes. But, most are in fields such as visual arts, interior design, writing, animation, film, and photography.

Courses are usually designed in a video lesson serious. Assignments are given to students so they may enhance their skills.

The platform is subscription-based. You don’t pay per course, so you can get as many courses on a subscription. Currently, prices are at:

  • $32 a month
  • $168 is paying for a year upfront

#5 – Coursera

This isn’t a platform that offers simple classes. The content available there is on an academic level, delivered by real universities and professors.

Coursera allows multimedia courses. Professors can make classes, upload them, and then make homework and quizzes while assigning a grade to them.

All courses are priced individually. The cheapest begins at $30 and then goes up. There’s even a plan that offers unlimited courses at just $400 a year!

#6 – EdX

This platform was designed by MIT and Harvard and is quite accessible.

The college courses are real. They’re taught and made by real instructors with experience in a variety of fields.

While EdX does lean a bit towards STEM fields, many humanities, arts, and language courses are available too. The platform is also partnered with many universities offering “micro” degrees at bachelor and master levels!

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