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Vegan Gains

Vegan Gains is a Canadian bodybuilder, vegan activist, and YouTuber, famous for his mind-boggling videos about vegan nutrition. For a reasonable amount of time now, this person has been generating YouTube videos. His videos are mostly about vegan diets and workouts, while he addresses countering viewpoints and philosophy occasionally. I genuinely support the vegan diet and recognize its health advantages, so I do not perceive any prejudice from the diet itself in any way, although his beliefs are focused on extremist behavior. He has exhibited violence, aggression, and delusions. He speaks of having psychiatric disorders now, which could be a crucial basis for his erratic behavior.

Vegan Gains Bio

  • Wife: Jasmine Gains
  • Age: 30 Years
  • Height: 189 cm 6’2″ 7 cm 3 inches shorter
  • Weight: 81 kg 179 lbs 12 kg 26 lbs lighter
  • Body Fat %: 14.7% Fit 14% higher
  • Muscle Index: 4.6 24.6% less swole

This is not acceptable conduct for any sane human, regardless of food preference and your point. His doctors reported that Angry Pete made it very clear that his cancer was not from food habits that did not cause these complications. This extended through his lungs from his original testicular cancer. Anything really serious, and nothing, except with a vegan diet, he could have stopped. Although the vegan diet can have many advantages, it has been reiterated that it is not cancer healing. We have stomachs and teeth designed for meat and dairy consumption. People love the taste of poultry, and chickens who have never even received the privilege of seeing sunshine or living (organic and bought from farms) are rejected by many people like me. It is important to resolve the delusion that all meat eating is unethical, since it is simply a means of maintaining his sociopathic and narcissistic conduct.

Let the delusions begin with us. A video about a fellow YouTuber called “Furious Pete” and his growing cancer was recently created by Vegan Gains (Richard Burgess). This video was not somber, this video blamed a very sick man blatantly for his condition and SHAMED him for his eating decisions saying it exacerbated his problems.

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