Use NetBase Quid to Decide on the Best Key Opinion Leader

Key opinion leaders are essential in the modern business world. Entrepreneurs have discovered their value in bringing conversions and increasing sales. Social media has dozens of opinion leaders to use for your business. However, traders only know a few of them since they have no idea of evaluating the market and getting the best. Read on to learn some opinion leaders you shouldn’t ignore.


Choose the One Aligning with your Values


Before deciding on the key opinion leader to use for your company, ensure that they align with your values. People may be experts in what your company does, but if they don’t share your beliefs, you will have a problem working with them. Their stand influences your business negatively.


Get leaders who understand the importance of business values. Let’s say your company distributes drugs in hospitals, and you want to hire a prominent doctor. However, the doctor is at the forefront of campaigning for the abortion bill. Your clients will start doubting your values and stand on the issue if you hire such opinion leaders.

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In most cases, people trade with you based on your values. Compromising your norms as an industry to engage an opinion leader is detrimental to growth. Your clients will lose faith in your company and products.


Macro key opinion leader


Deciding whether to use macro or micro opinion leaders is a thoughtful process. Each party has limitations at some point. Macro opinion leaders have already gained root in the industry. They have large followers, and they hang out on different platforms. Your product will gain popularity almost instantly since they have an already established audience.


The problem with macro opinion leaders is the lack of client engagement. The most important thing is to answer the client and engage them in a conversation. However, these opinion leaders are too busy to respond to the audience. All they do is drop random posts and make one comment before disappearing for a month. Their followers have never had enough of them. It’s hard for an audience to decide on a product unless they are incredibly interested.


Micro Opinion Leaders


Micro opinion leaders have a small circle. They have time to engage with their audience since they target more followers. Working with them is an assurance that your clients will have answers to their questions.


Micro leaders have less influence on your product. Due to their small number of followers, it may take long before reaching a large audience compared to macro leaders. However, the essential things are not about the number but about making your clients take action.


Using NetBase Quid


If you have trouble deciding which key opinion leader to choose, it’s time to think about NetBase Quid. The company helps you to evaluate opinion leaders by doing research. They gather information about the current trend on a social media platform. They will help you know the micro and macro opinion leaders in your niche and how they engage with their followers.


The best thing is that they use professional researchers. It’s easy to develop a program that will generate figures and data to gather social media information. However, the machine is limited in understanding human emotions in a comment. NetBase Quid combines technology and researchers to give you the best results.


Deciding on a key opinion leader depends on your preference. Evaluate your business and its needs and decide on the opinion leaders to choose. Allow Net Base Quid to help you in evaluation to increase the accuracy of results.


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