Luvmehair provides the highest quality hair products in the industry, while guaranteeing professional and informed expert assistance for a pampering online shopping experience. For customers who are new or like to read about products in depth; we will discuss the most popular curly and wavy hair below:


Body wave hair wig is, simply put, in the shape of an S. These are more on the wavy side of the hair. They give off a casual, naturally blow-dried look to your hair. If straight is too basic and curls are too over the top for you; body waves might just be your thing. It can have a few straight strands. Over washes, body wave hair tends to straighten with time, retaining its shine and hair quality. It’s not too voluminous so it gives off a very low-maintenance, naturally textured look to your hair. If you want to look put together for formal and informal settings, this might be the perfect look for you.


Think: body wave. Only tighter and voluminous compared to body wave hair. Since the waves in this type of hair run in opposite directions, waves tend to be bouncier and voluminous. Compared to other types of curly hair, it’s still considered loose and on the straight side. These curls do not flow in one direction giving it a lot of bounce and curl. People who prefer something more upbeat than body wave hair but nothing too crazy choose loose wave hair. It is therefore popular among people with corporate jobs.


If you take water wave hair a notch down you will get deep wave hair. It is a weave of tightly knit curls; all in one direction. Being all in one direction gives it a plain, ‘didn’t-put-too-much-effort’, romantic look. You can carry this look just about anywhere. They blend in very well with your natural hair.


Water wave hair is also a weave of tightly knit curls; only in opposite directions. This quality gives them an extravagant look. It has immense volume and the curls look huge and exaggerated. If you want to go for an exotic look all year long, water wave hair is your go-to.


Natural wave hair looks a lot closer to natural human curl. Unlike all other types of curly hair which are sewn with precision, natural wave hair is usually made to look casual and closer to your natural hair. It is very popular among Americans today. Its texture is bushy but not necessarily voluminous.


Kinky hair is the most distinct form of hair. Not only does it carry a style statement (think: Oprah Winfrey), it holds a cultural value. These are very fine coils that start at your roots. They are mostly rough and coarse in texture causing them to be more sponge-like rather than having a flow like all other curly and wavy hair.

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