Types of Tractors

Agricultural tractors are used in plowing farmlands, paving roads, powering generators, and even driving fleets of box trucks.

Have you been interested in purchasing a tractor for your farm? Are you unsure which type of tractor to get for your preferred application?

This article reviews several different types of tractors. Read on to learn more about how these machines operate!

Based on Size

Tractors are vehicles used for tasks like tilling, sowing, and harvesting. Tractors can be generally divided into two categories-small and large.

Small tractors have low-power engines ranging from 20-75 horsepower. They power implements like rotary tillers, mowers, harvesters, trailers, and other light tools. They are lighter in weight and have a lower capacity than large tractors.

Large tractors have a higher power engine capacity ranging from 75-300 horsepower. They are generally used for heavy-duty applications such as plowing, haulage, cultivation, and spraying. Their superior power and higher capacity make them ideal for large-scale farming operations.

Based on Specialization

Tractors are versatile pieces of machinery that you can classify can into: general-purpose and specialized. General-purpose tractors drive implements such as plows, discs, and harrows. These tractors usually have many attachments and are very versatile.

Specialized tractors are designed for harvesting, planting, and spraying. They perform one specific task. They are less versatile but could be more efficient in performing that particular task.

Based on Fuel Type

Diesel-powered tractors have heavier frames and higher torque output. It makes them best suited to heavy-duty, high-workload operations. These include workloads pulling large loads, cultivating fields, and towing large implements.

Gasoline-powered tractors are lighter and more economical to run. However, they have less power and torque. They’re best suited for transporting small loads, mowing, and tilling.

Both tractor types are available in various sizes. It also comes with multiple options and tractor attachment. So, be sure to check them out!

Based on Types of Drive Wheels

Two-wheel drive tractors are more suited for essential land maintenance and gardening chores. It’s cheaper, easier to maneuver and transport, and has a more moderate weight.

Four-wheel drive tractors have more substantial pulling power. They have steeper angle climbing abilities and heavy lifting capacity. They are perfect for serious fieldwork and towing large implements or trailers.

Their tracks, rather than wheels, recognize track tractors. They offer excellent benefits for traction, ground clearance, maneuverability, and flotation. It makes them suitable for the most challenging and muddy environments.

Finally, specialist tractors are those with modified drive systems. They are articulated four-wheel or six-wheel drive versions. They handle special applications or mitigate specific soil or terrain conditions.

Know the Different Types of Tractors Today

Agricultural tractors are essential machines for farming and, ultimately, produce. There are different types of tractors based on size, specialization, fuel, and drive wheels.

There are various options available to fit a variety of purposes. Investing in the appropriate tractor for a specific job can help increase productivity. If you’re considering investing in a tractor, make sure to research your options.

Did this article help you learn about the different types of agricultural tractors? Then check out our other posts for even more great guides and tips!

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