Tips for choosing the perfect caviar

Caviar is one of the most sophisticated products. The production, raw material, professionals, brand, and all the details impact the quality and diversity of this product.

Learn tips on how to choose real caviar and how to prepare it in different types of dishes. Important tips for those looking to taste the best of this food.

What details to check before buying caviar?

Caviar has always been considered a luxury food. They are unfertilized sturgeon fish eggs. To feel the true flavor of caviar, it must not have any coloring or elements used to preserve the product…

The fresher the caviar, the better. There are different types of caviar, such as salmon eggs, trout, lump, etc. You need to know what flavor you want to enjoy when tasting or adding to caviar and with other foods.

Depending on the caviar, it can have a nutty and buttery flavor, a delicate flavor and just the right touch of salt.

Food can come from wild as well as farmed fish. The difference is directly linked to the taste

Wild fish produce caviar with a more complex and intense flavor. What is farm-grown is of more consistent quality.

There are three very important factors to consider: flavor, texture and color.

Which caviar has the best flavor, texture and color?

It is important that caviar has this combination in perfect harmony. Well, the sturgeon takes 25 years to reach sexual maturity. It is necessary that is well taken care of and fed correctly to reap the results.

The caviar that presents the union of these factors so important for quality is Longino Caviar. A great reference in various aspects of gastronomy.

You can see that caviar is neither bitter nor salty. The eggs are firm and can be separated with the tongue. Another factor also is that you need to have a clean and bright color.

When you taste caviar, you can feel the rich buttery taste that doesn’t leave the taste in your mouth, it’s smooth and delicate. It has no salinity, it is possible to feel as if it was harvested at that moment.

Another very important detail is that it cannot be stored for a long time. Within 10 to 15 days, if not, the food starts to get salty and ends up impairing the taste.

You can combine caviar with other products from the Longino & Cardinal brand, such as cheeses and seafood. Surely using these tips will surprise all your guests on any occasion, whether in luxury moments or a family gathering.

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