Tips for Buying Chandeliers – Ideas & Advice

Chandeliers are like stunning pieces or ornaments that augment charm to your house. A living room with a modern luxe or antique chandelier always looks incomplete. So, you should have a chandelier that everyone would have a crush on. Guest must get mesmerized with the Chandelier design that you choose.

However, choosing perfect Decorative lights like a chandelier is thought-provoking, especially when you have an abundance of options available. Chandelier markets are occupied with striking designs and fitting sizes for your living room decorations. You may bump into thousands of attractive designs, but choosing a precise one matters. The chandelier you buy must compliment your interiors. So, here is a guide to help you with ideas to buy a chandelier.

Get the right size first!

While buying a chandelier, what matters is getting the right size. Every space of your home has distinctive requirements. Here are the size requirements for chandeliers of different spaces of your home.

Chandeliers for dining rooms

If you are considering buying chandeliers for dining, you must consider buying a chandelier 2-3 inches narrower than the dining table’s surface.

The overall design of the chandelier should also give a gap of 4-feet from all sidewalls of the dining room.

Chandelier for an entryway or living room

You can consider a chandelier with 2-3 feet hanging distance from the ceiling for the living room and entryway.

To buy a precise size, find out the length and breadth of your living room and buy a chandelier that maintains a floating distance from all walls.

Twinning works as a great idea

Instead of having one large chandelier at the center, you can go for a change. The large chandelier at the center of the ceiling looks more traditional. But moving on with the trend, you can always allow changes. Lately, two identical chandeliers at equal distance from each other are taking away attention. You can try this decorating idea in your dining room. Make sure you are buying two same chandeliers to improve aesthetics.

Avoid high-wattage bulbs

Bulbs are a preeminent part of chandeliers. Glowing bulbs make your home look beautiful. However, high wattage bulbs release excessive heat and make you uncomfortable. You must avoid using high-voltage bulbs in your living room and dining. The centerpiece bulb of your chandelier should be narrower beam bulbs.

Some more tips to ensure good aesthetics

Always buy a chandelier that covers all wires so that it would hang out from the ceiling

Your chandelier’s fabric must be three times longer than the chain of the chandelier

Always buy a lightweight chandelier to make sure you are having no trouble while shifting its position.


These were some helpful tips to consider before buying a chandelier. Now that you know the perfect advice, make sure you gain all attention with a beautiful chandelier in your living room or dining.

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