Theoretical aspects of the organization of cleaning technology

The concept of “cleaning” and the main components of cleaning technology

The organization of hospitality enterprises is a collective concept that covers various forms of activity in the service sector related to the reception and servicing of guests. Guest service is associated with the operation of equipment and premises (cleaning and cleaning), storage and movement of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, which are carried out by warehouse, transport and technical services, etc. A positive perception of service is determined by the completeness of the range of services, the comfort of the environment, created through professional cleaning or through the use of cleaning technologies. Professional cleaning service with a good reputation and individual approach:

Professional cleaning is important not only in terms of aesthetics, but also to save material resources, as regular cleaning of offices and other premises allows you to postpone their repair for a long time. Cleaning services can only be provided by specialized companies whose employees have received special training.

Today, cleaning is such a type of activity as professional cleaning of premises and related services. The range of cleaning services may include not only washing floors, washing windows or dry cleaning carpets, but also caring for the property in the complex. In particular, this is the operation of buildings and structures by professional services, the control and maintenance of internal systems, and the prevention of accidents.

The work of cleaning company specialists allows not only saving heat, water and electricity, but also prevents premature wear of the floor covering, delays the moment when it will be necessary to carry out a major overhaul of the building. Cleaning specialists carry out preventive work and maintenance of garbage chute systems, interact with city services, and carry out other necessary work. Professional cleaning works not only keep the premises and territories clean, but also aim to create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness at the hotel industry. The standard and regulatory framework determine the sanitary and hygienic orientation and sequence of cleaning operations.

There are three ways to solve the problem of cleaning a particular room:

  • invite a professional cleaning company;
  • organize your own cleaning service (for corporate clients);
  • hire a cleaner (for owners of private apartments and cottages)

Cleaning companies provide a wide range of cleaning services. The service is based on modern technologies, organizational principles, efficient technology and high-quality chemicals. But the main factor in the quality of services are employees who are specially selected and trained.

Cleaning is not just a professional cleaning of the premises using the latest technologies. Today, cleaning companies use a variety of equipment that allows them to clean offices, including complex tasks such as carpet cleaning and window washing, with excellent results. In other words, cleaning and cleaning are two different things.

For the correct selection of cleaning technology for professional cleaning, constant work and improvement in the field of cleaning, understanding of the process and an engineering approach to organizing work are required. In addition, using the services of a cleaning company is cheaper than your own housekeeping service.

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