The Smart Life with Smart Products

Smart devices are arguably one of the greatest facets of technology. They come in all shapes and sizes, and perform various activities that ensure a greater lifestyle for all; from the younger generation to older folks. 

Smoke/CO detectors, smart lights, smartwatches and smart doorbells are examples of the amazing devices that we can install in our homes to make our lives easier. Here’s how each of these works towards serving a more convenient lifestyle. 


Smoke Detectors

A perfect way to explain how smart smoke detectors work to provide safety in our homes is with the Google Nest Protect. This device is a smoke detector designed to detect the presence of smoldering to fast-burning fires as well as levels of carbon monoxide leaks in your home’s atmosphere. 

Since carbon monoxide it is an invisible, poisonous gas the Nest Protect tells you exactly where it is and what to do if there’s a leak in your home. It can also detect smoke and fires much earlier than they begin, owing to its split spectrum sensor. That gives you a head start on handling the situation before it gets out of hand. 

The Nest Protect like all other smoke detectors is easy to install, and being connected to your mobile phones, via the home Wi-Fi network it can alert you in real-time to any potential threats and can silence the device from the mobile phone in the case of any false alarm. The device goes green when there is no danger, and red when it senses a threat. Another feature that users love is its ability to cast light in the middle of the night, and light that is bearable enough for when you have to walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

But the best part about this device and all smart smoke detectors in general is their ability to tell you exactly where in the house a threat has been detected so that it is brought to your attention even if you are not home – since it is all automated through their respective mobile apps.  


Smart Lights

Smart lights are easily installable – in our homes, offices, schools and even public places like museums for instance. These lights can be controlled through mobile phones, tablets, laptops or even through central hubs if there are multiple lights involved. 

They feature motion sensor technology and turn on when they detect movement as well as switch off once there hasn’t been movement over a few minutes. Smart lights are quite easy to use and are ecologically friendly too since they limit the amount of energy wasted in overconsumption of electricity. 

Something that smart lights aren’t generally known for but they can act as a safety precaution as well. When you aren’t home, you can switch your lights on and off yourself via their mobile apps, in case you need to make it seem like there is somebody at home. Or in a case where someone is walking around your porch, the lights can come on alerting you to somebody’s presence and scaring off intruders as well.


Smart Watches

Smart Watches such as the Apple Watch, Fitbit and much more are one of the most sought-after accessories these days. They are very user-friendly which makes them applicable to all age groups – teenagers and old people alike. They work to monitor your health through the steps you take, your heart rate, and your blood pressure and so on. They are also great for hands-free help like when you’re receiving a call because one can answer directly from the smartwatch instead of fumbling to find their phone while driving or when in the middle of something important. 

Smartwatches also have alarms, stopwatches, reminders and notifications from chats so it’s always easy to be hands-on with receiving messages or notes and staying up to date as you go about your day.  


Smart Doorbells

What could be better than having a camera on your doorbell from which you can see and hear who is at your door? A smart doorbell allows you to record and see who arrived at your doorstep in case were not available, in HD might we add; meanwhile you can also chat with them through the doorbell mobile app with two-way audio support. This is especially useful for when receiving packages, where you can see who delivered it and in what condition, and if you have any special requests as to where you want them placed. 

Smart doorbells are also a great way to enhance the safety of our homes since we can control them through our mobile phones. Every time someone arrives at the door, the doorbell detects the motion and alerts you to your mobile that someone is at the door. This can make it safe for you to know what’s been going on while you were not home or simply answer and tell your guests to return later. But it is a great way to keep a check on who and what is around your home, especially since it records it all.


Smart products are easily found across the country. You can find your grandmother sporting a smartwatch just like your cousin has one. People are resorting to smart home devices and appliances for a more energy-efficient lifestyle, backed with the intention of reduced utility bills let’s be honest. And there is also the factor of convenience, automation and safety in all things smart. So why not get with the smart life after all? 


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