The Reasons To Indulge In A Game Of Cricket

There are many reasons to indulge in your favourite game of cricket, and you must be aware of why you should be playing it. The game has a lot of beauty, and there are numerous advantages of indulging in this game.

Burning calories

A lot of calories are not good from a health point of view, and they will lead to obesity and other heart-related ailments. But you can escape from all these issues by indulging in a game of cricket. Are you aware of the fact that you will be burning 350 calories in an hour of cricket? Calories are something that can be burnt if you are playing a game of cricket.

Apart from this playing a game of cricket increases your protein consumption. All of us are aware that protein is the bodybuilder. When you consume a protein-rich diet, your body tends to become healthier. Though it takes a lot of time to digest, it will provide you with energy for a longer time.

Improves health

Playing cricket not only helps to burn calories but improves and tones the muscles. There is a lot of muscle work involved when you are batting, bowling, or fielding. With regular physical activities, you can improve your mental health. In addition, excellent motor skills are provided. When you play cricket, the body eventually exercises the body parts, like the back, chest, and hamstring.

The metabolic rate of the human body increases when the breakdown of the fat is on the lower side. So, it tones down your body muscles and keeps you in shape.

Improves concentration

Concentration appears to be the main cause of strength in most people. To do things carefully, you need to have immense concentration power. Suppose if you are not interested in mediation, then you can go for cricket which would enhance your concentration power. You may think about how to do it. The moment you are playing cricket, you need to focus and analyse the batsman, fielder, and bowler’s mind. This is going to help you make a quick choice and automatically go on to enhance your concentration levels.

The latest news related to cricket indicates that playing a game of cricket will improve the analytical skills that are going to help you become a good strategist.

Improves your cardiovascular health

The health of your heart is something that you should never compromise. To improve on this front, you need to do cardiovascular exercises like jogging, running, and walking regularly. When you play cricket, you have to run often, which is a form of cardiovascular exercise.

Most physical activities are going to improve your heart rate. A rapid heartbeat is better for the condition of your heart and contributes to the overall cardiovascular condition of your heart. Eventually, it is going to reduce the possibility of cardiovascular diseases.

Hand-eye coordination

For everyone to undertake their tasks effectively, hand-eye coordination is essential. It is going to involve your hands and eye where the eyes demand direct attention and the hands are going to accomplish the task. If this is poor, you are going to find it difficult to perform several tasks.

Playing cricket is going to improve your hand-eye coordination along with peripheral vision. For example, if the ball is approaching, your hands will move automatically to catch the ball. Such practice will improve your coordination.


You may go on to notice crickets performing a series of activities like running, bowling, or throwing when necessary. This diverse action within a period is termed adaptability. If you indulge in a game of cricket regularly, your body will be able to complete these actions, and it enhances muscle strength which would be great from a performance point of view. This type of personal activity will help you to avoid injuries in muscles or tendons, especially overstretching.

Improves your stamina levels

Be it any form of physical activity; you require stamina. It is a common occurrence that you may hear athletes speak about stamina, and they do work a lot on their stamina front. Do not think it is only for players, but everyone needs it. It is the strength that allows you to maintain your physical and mental processes for a prolonged period. A game of cricket and you can improve your stamina level, as you can work longer than the routine self.


It is necessary to balance your physical and mental thing. If a particular thing goes slow, it would be difficult to maintain the equilibrium level. The moment you are playing a game of cricket you will be aware of how to balance every task properly. You become aware of your body in a better way.

Do not think that playing cricket has only physical benefits; it has a telling impact when it comes to the mental side of things.

Team skills

Team skills have a plethora of benefits. It goes a long way in enhancing your creativity levels, and you end up learning from others. You can develop a degree of trust in yourself and arrive at quality decisions in the process. It takes your confidence to the next level. When you are playing cricket, you will be spending a lot of time with your team. This is going to improve you at the personal and professional levels.

Social skills

Playing a game of cricket will improve your social skills as you will become better at communicating and interacting with others. Even you will be sharing your experiences with others. Since it boasts your social interaction, you will be meeting new people. You will also be on how to deal with success and failure.

Enhances your self-confidence

Self-confidence is one of the vital traits of success. It is a quality that each one of us needs to possess, and if we do not have it, this could lead to failure.

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