Successful fashion marketing strategy to create Instagram buzz

Brand creation and sustaining in the competitive market can be overwhelming. Make the most of it by using all the social networking tools available. Instagram is undoubtedly one of the best mediums to share visually appealing images and videos. The fast-paced trending apparels, accessories, and other products require equally dynamic social coverage.

You must influence the business by grabbing more likes and authentic followers. The more people will see and use your product – the more would be its marketing. There are many simple and effective ways to intensify the Insta engagement. Approach the most authentic and certified social media to support companies to get comments on Instagram. There are more options available online. You should ask for targeted strategies to cater to your fashion brand. A fashion-driven Instagram will be redirecting more traffic to the account, engaging the market coverage, and attracting real community followers.

Start – Share – Speak 

When you start any brand and want to attract more audience, the best method is to have engaging users. Capture the attention of social media by starting a gossip, sharing conversations, posting personal experiences on using the product, and more importantly speak about the brand lifestyle.

There is no restriction to posting images and videos; there is a sea of options to explore. Start a direct chat and messaging option for your new apparel line. Let the users give instant feedback and engage in User-Generated content. Getting real-time active Insta comments and likes is not easy, but you can take business soaring heights if planned tactically.

Organize contests and giveaways on getting genuine feedback from the followers. You can release any topic like; what is sexier for this summer vacation, two-piece bikini or single piece swimwear? Let more interaction happen and get the gradual inflow of images and posts. Observe closely to understand the marketing shape and change your sales methods accordingly.

Encourage your followers to post before and after pictures on using your product. This user-generated content is very credible. You can also announce a competition of clothing line – ‘Who styled the best?’. It an amazingly effective way of promoting your new apparel brand and getting more followers to your Instagram account.

Tips to boost Insta followers 

Always look for popular tricks to capture the fashion industry features that will support your brand creation. Share clean and perfect images that cascade into storytelling. Instagram offers many additional filters and features that will pump your branding. Create engaging fashion content, which should be an ideal mix of brand features, product details, updated products, new product line, lifestyle content, user-generated content, and sneak peek behind the scenes.

Involve the fashion influencers to hashtag your brands. You can do this through social media promoters. A monthly or annual package can sort all your marketing issues. Get the most reliable service provider on board to kickstart during dull times.

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Top-most Fashion Instagram Icons

With the changing fashion trend on social media – influencers and stylists are playing an integral role. Image is the focus for popularizing Instagram feeds. Social media networking has added a new definition to the fashion industry, and Instagram is undeniably the top-most preferred platform. Fashion influencers follow celebrities, and these are responsible for leveraging OOTD on Insta. OOTD – Outfit of the day, Opinion of the day, or Offer of the day creates buzz in no time. You must observe the daily analytic of what is “IN” and what is “OUT” to be on top of the game.

  • Alexa Chung – The current top fashion icon has swept social media by storm. She has more than 5000 posts and over 3 million followers on Instagram. She is not just a fashionista but an immensely powerful influencer for the millennials. She has pumped the Insta market by promoting women’s overalls, fine-cut jeans, and Peter Pan collars.
  • Danielle Bernstein – The founder of the famous blog, ‘We Wore What’ gained an exceptional fan base when she only a fashion student in a university in NYC. Gradually, she becomes the top Instagram influencer with over 1.5 million followers. She launched her brand of clothing and accessories and has more than 11000 posts from her Insta account.
  • Julia Engel – The Instagram account in the name of juliahengel boasts over 5000 posts and over a million followers. This fashion influencer started her blog, ‘Gal Meets Glam, ‘ during her college days. She has created her clothing line with accessories.
  • Chiara Ferragni – Another fashion blogger and now one of the most influential Instagram users, holds the record of being one of the youngest achievers in this arena. She has more than 17000 posts and over 12 million real followers on Instagram.
  • Gabi Gregg – The Insta profile name is gabi fresh, and she is also the founder of an exclusive plus-size clothing line called Premme. This plus-size stylist took the Instagram fashion trend to a different level. Combating all the odds of being an unconventional swimwear model, she starts blogging and vlogging to reach the massive 6 million followers.

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