SOLO stock: The Future of Zero-Emission Vehicles

SOLO stock represents Electrameccanica Vehicles, the world’s first manufacturer of emission-free vehicles.

With a focus on sustainability, Electrameccanica’s mission is to deliver a line of affordable, stylish, and technologically advanced vehicles that reduce the environmental impact of transport.


Founded by entrepreneur Martin Roscheisen, SOLO was formed in 2013 with the original concept vehicle, the SITECH.

Electrameccanica’s initial goal was to bring an environmentally friendly vehicle to the public and develop an affordable consumer model.

Electrameccanica has received significant attention for its vehicle designs and its environmental-friendly ambitions.

Electrameccanica is on track to commercialize their vehicles for sale to the general public with government and industry support.

In 2015, the vehicle known as the SITECH, was named one of TIME Magazine’s 50 best inventions.

The SITECH is an open-wheeled, battery electric vehicle that has been named a New York Times best-seller.


If you’re an engineer or entrepreneur, what could be more rewarding than the prospect of owning a high-tech vehicle that not only cuts your carbon footprint, but also saves the planet for future generations?

Electrameccanica is the leading electric vehicle manufacturer in the world.

Despite a successful career at NASA and as a co-founder of several tech startups, Bob Lutz found himself dissatisfied with the state of transportation.

According to Lutz, the auto industry’s future will be about electric vehicles – electric or not – with zero emission vehicles taking center stage by 2030.

This is due to the combined advantages of electric cars: they’re cheaper to make, easier to operate, and better for the environment.

SOLO Products

As you can see from the above and below images, Electrameccanica’s dream is to provide the public with a safer, cleaner, more efficient vehicle, as a result, SOLO stock together with SENS stock, is now one of the stocks to buy now according to investors.

The good thing is that a lot of people want to make that dream come true. After all, with so many people on the road, we can’t imagine driving in a dirty, smoggy car like we do now.

Electrameccanica’s products have been a hit with the public, with the first generation of SEDS selling over 3,500 units. Its latest model, the SOLO, will soon start selling soon as well.

The Future of SOLO

The American company plans to release a range of electrified vehicles. These include the S2 Sedan, a convertible, the S3 Sedan, a coupe and the upcoming Solo 5-passenger EV.

Electrameccanica plans to release these vehicles around 2019. The vehicles will be produced at the company’s US assembly plant, based in Vancouver.

The company has already secured 450 orders for the S2, 3 and 4 sedans, with about 100 more in the pipeline.

Mr. Engel added: “Our team is hard at work building the vehicles of tomorrow, and our next generation will be even better than the first generation of SOLO.”

Electrameccanica is led by CEO Jerry Kroll and CTO Dr. James Peters.

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