Send Money to Pakistan with ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib and Win One of the Two PKR 1 Crore Prizes or One of 91 PKR 1 Lac Prizes

Another Ramadan, another exciting news for the migrants of Pakistan.

This Ramadan, migrants from Pakistan will have a grand opportunity to become rich in an instant, which is a dream many migrants from Pakistan see. They work abroad to earn a living and send money to Pakistan to make this dream a reality.

But most of the time, turning this dream into reality itself is such as daunting challenge that it remains what it is – a dream.

But this Ramadan, Pakistani migrants have an opportunity to win some massive cash prizes in another exciting campaign ACE Money Transfer has launched exclusively for Pakistani expatriates.

By participating in this campaign, which is easy and simple, they can win two bumper cash prizes to the tune of multi-millions and several other small cash prizes.

Keep reading to learn all the exciting details.

An Introduction Of The Campaign

ACE Money Transfer has launched another campaign in close collaboration with Bank Al Habib for migrants from Pakistan residing in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland. These migrants can participate in this exciting campaign by being ACE Money Transfer’s customers.

They do not have to do anything new or unique to participate in this campaign. They are already residing in the listed countries above and send money back to Pakistan as an integral part of their routine and life abroad.

They have to keep sending money to Pakistan the way they already are, but with the following tiny tweaks to take part in the campaign and become eligible to win prizes.

What Small Tweaks Pakistani Migrants Should Make In Their Online Money Transfer Routine To Participate?

The following tiny moves in their online money transfers to Pakistan will make them eligible to participate in the current campaign.

  • Pakistani migrants have to be residing in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland;
  • They have to send money to Pakistan through ACE Money Transfer;
  • The money must be sent to any of the over 1,080 branches of Bank Al Habib across Pakistan;
  • The recipients of the sent amount must be Pakistani residents;
  • The amount must be collected as cash.

These small tweaks in their money transfer routines will make Pakistani migrants eligible to participate in this campaign.

But remember that winning prizes is slightly different from participating and is subject to the following.

Increasing Chances To Win

With the three main conditions for participating, explained above, migrants have to make sure that they keep sending money throughout the campaign duration. Making several transactions in one day or continuing to send money for a few days in a row and then abandoning it will lower the chances of winning the cash prizes.

Do not lose sight of the fact that you can increase your chances of winning prizes with an increased number of transactions regardless of the amount.

And worry not!

Pakistani migrants have a huge amount of time to participate and make necessary arrangements to increase their chances of winning.

The Campaign Duration

This campaign starts on April 1st and lasts till June 30th, both days inclusive.

In total, the campaign remains active and alive for a total of 91 days, giving you ample time to make many transactions in the desired manner.

The Prize Details

This campaign has two bumper cash prizes of PKR 1 Crore each and 91 cash prizes of PKR 100,000/- each.

In total, the campaign offers 93 cash prizes in a total of 91 days of campaign duration.

Ascertain all the details by clicking the link below:

Details Of The Campaign.

Distribution Of Prizes

The company will select the lucky winners in a series of lucky draws that have been scheduled both during the campaign duration and even after the campaign draws to a close.

However, the two bumper cash prizes will be distributed on the two Eids.

The first bumper cash prize will be given to the lucky winner on Eid ul Fitr, which is just around the corner; while the second bumper prize will be given on Eid ul Adha which is approaching fast in a few months.

Reasons For Launching This Campaign

A few prime reasons for launching this campaign are discussed briefly below.

The Pakistani Economy

  • A report by the World Bank said that in 2021, Pakistan’s nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was $348.26 billion.
  • Another World Bank report said that Pakistan’s GDP per capita income in 2021 was $1,505.

These statistics prove that the country has a weak economy which struggles to provide for its people, which adds to the financial woes of the country’s population.

A Drop In Inward Remittances

A report in Dawn said that inward remittances were around $31 billion in FY22.

The same report projected remittances to remain close to $30 billion in FY23 owing to several factors.

Promoting Legal Channels

A high fee, uncompetitive currency exchange rates, and a steep rise in taxes on remittances have forced people to send money through illegal channels to evade taxes and seek better deals in terms of high fees and high exchange rates.

This initiative aims to promote legal channels by offering live and competitive exchange rates and charging a low fee, which can provide a cushion for high taxes.

High Incidence Of Poverty

According to a report published by Dawn, the misery index (total of inflation of unemployment) in Pakistan has gone from 15.2 to 36.8. It only adds to the financial hardships of the people.

These are some of the reasons serving as an impetus to launch this campaign.

ACE Money Transfer – A Legal Remittance Channel Awarding Prizes

Simply throw your remittances in ACE Money Transfer’s way, route them to Bank Al Habib in Pakistan and spread your transactions across the entire campaign duration spanning 91 days and stand a chance to win one of the two bumper cash prizes of PKR10 million each or one of the 91 cash prizes of PKR100,000/- each.

Time is running out. Act now!

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