By becoming a Salesforce Admin or a Salesforce Developer, you enter one of the most dynamic and prosperous job markets in the IT industry. However, today Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers need to constantly remain updated about the latest trends in the field and be able to prove their competitive advantage and qualification in a highly dynamic market.

In this article, we shall talk about the 10 best Salesforce Certification training courses that will allow you to approach the international Salesforce Certification Exam and develop your successful career in Salesforce.

CRS Info Solutions

With over 10 years of experience, CRS Info Solutions is one of the most famous names in modern Salesforce Training. Today they offer a unique salesforce certification training course that allows aspirants to become Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers, prepare and successfully pass the Salesforce certification exam, and maintain their qualifications.

During the 2–3-month studies, aspirants get their salesforce certification training from acknowledged Salesforce and Cloud Computing experts with over 10 years of experience and career records from world-leading companies.

The salesforce certification training consists of 3 modules: Salesforce Admin, Salesforce Developer, and LWC. It is a job-oriented program that includes practical assignments as well as relevant Q&A sessions and exercises that include materials from the actual Salesforce certification exams.

The hands-on practical assignments combined with guidance from the faculty allow each aspirant to become a certified salesforce admin or a certified platform developer upon the end of their studies.


Built for the professionals who already have sufficient experience in Salesforce, this salesforce certification training allows aspirants to adjust their knowledge and skills according to the relevant demands of the salesforce certification exam.

The instructor-led training is designed for individual as well as group studies. The content, as well as the training process itself, can be customized according to the aspirants` schedule and level of knowledge.


One of the most famous online education platforms offers salesforce certification training for those who want to make an informed decision about their development as salesforce admins and salesforce developers.

The online salesforce certification program lasts up to 6 months and is translated into 10 languages. It allows receiving the necessary knowledge and skills to approach the certification exam for salesforce admins (ADM 201) and Platform Developers (DEV 401) and become job-ready salesforce professionals.


The platform that connects professionals and businesses worldwide offers a number of online courses that can help you prepare for the salesforce certification training and the necessary knowledge, tips, and professional insights to develop your career in Salesforce.

The salesforce training programs from LinkedIn are provided by world-acknowledged experts in sales, business analysis platform development, and other fields. Upon the end of studies, each aspirant receives a certificate that can be easily shared in the job-search service of the same platform.


This salesforce certification training program offers over 30 hours of study materials and over 50 hours of practical assignments to help aspirants approach their Salesforce certification exams.

The online salesforce certification program offers a flexible schedule and 24/7 support from the faculty as well as lifetime access to all the study materials so the aspirants can maintain their salesforce certification after the exam.


This salesforce training institution offers certification-oriented training for salesforce admins and salesforce developers.

The studies last up to 3 months and include over 20 hours of hands-on experience training as well as mock exams and Q&A sessions aimed to tailor each aspirant`s skills according to the demands of the relevant salesforce certification exam.

The Salesforce certification training is self-guided, but the institute provides an option of 24/7 online support and one-to-one video sessions with the faculty to clear all doubts and adjust the learning process.


This salesforce certification training for salesforce admins and salesforce developers is designed to adjust the aspirants` knowledge and skills according to the current demands of salesforce certifications.

The salesforce certification training combines self-guided studies with live online sessions with the faculty and provides about 20 hours of practical assignments to help aspirants get the fundamental knowledge of Salesforce as well as the focused material about Sales & Service Cloud, Apex Programming, Salesforce Lightning, etc.


This online training program offers a salesforce certification training course that provides the necessary relevant knowledge to approach a salesforce certification exam.

During their studies, aspirants fulfill 2 projects from real-life companies and get about 30 hours of hands-on practical assignments that teach them to collect and analyze customer information and create apps through Salesforce Lightning.


One of the most famous platforms for online education offers salesforce certification training courses from various experts as well.

Here you can find all sorts of courses – from entry-level general information about salesforce and cloud computing to advanced materials for seasoned salesforce admins and salesforce developers that help them prepare for the salesforce certification exams and maintain the previously gained international salesforce certifications.

Salesforce Trailhead

Trailhead is one of the most famous names in Salesforce training. Here you can get the relevant salesforce certification training from experienced and certified Salesforce professionals.

The salesforce certification studies from Trailhead consist of various modules that can be adjusted according to your current qualification and knowledge. The certification training for salesforce admins and salesforce developers has a point attribution system that allows every aspirant to track their progress and evaluate their readiness for the salesforce certification exam.

Why is salesforce certification so important?

As Salesforce develops as a professional ecosystem, the industry of CRM solutions is becoming more complicated and requires a certain level of skills, knowledge, and dedication from every professional.

Salesforce certification allows salesforce admins and salesforce developers to prove their qualifications at the entry-level and maintain their skills, staying updated and relevant throughout their whole career.

Salesforce Certification is not only a tremendous competitive advantage when you search for a job in Salesforce but also the most efficient way to stay ahead of the game and remain updated in the highly-dynamic industry of modern CRM solutions.

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