Rugs and doormats for home entrances: Some things to consider

Arranging a nice outdoor carpet on the floor at the entrance to the house is an elegant way to embellish your home and present it to your guests. Before even crossing the threshold, it is equally useful to find a doormat, an ideal carpet to clean your shoes before entering the house and has the function of welcoming guests and helping us to keep the house clean.But don’t forget to apply professional carpet cleaning on it regularly.

Home entrance rugs: how to choose the right one

To present yourself in the best possible way, you need two carpets at the entrance to the house: one on the door, known as a doormat, and the second in the first room of the apartment. According to the different positioning and function they perform, the models have totally different characteristics.

Let’s see what are the main elements to consider for the best choice:

  • size of the carpet
  • material
  • style
  • maintenance

The first carpet to buy is the one on the doorstep and has the task of retaining dirt before entering the house. Let’s see how to choose the best doormat based on the main characteristics:

Dimensions of the doormat

The doormat must be large enough, generally as large as the width of the entrance door. When you get to the door, you need to be able to clean your feet so that the dirt remains outside the house. Taking the measurements of the entrance is simple; the doormat is easily found at home improvement stores, DIY chains, supermarkets as well as shops selling home accessories. As for the shapes, the choice of the doormat can be oriented towards a traditional rectangular model or even a square, rounded, semicircle or circle version.

Doormat materials

Resistance is the main feature that the mat must have at the entrance: abused daily with the feet, rubbed with energy before entering the house, you cannot skimp on its quality so as not to have to replace it constantly.

The most common materials are:


    coconut fiber;

    synthetic coconut fiber.

The synthetic doormat can be in vinyl, polypropylene, polyamide or nylon, the most common materials on the market. These materials ensure some important qualities such as hardness and longevity, as the synthetic fiber is resistant and able to withstand bad weather and sudden changes in temperature. It is also quick and easy to clean, although in some situations, you need an expert carpet cleaning.

The cons is the difficulty of absorbing, which is why it is necessary to rub hard to wet the floor at the entrance in case of heavy rain.

The coconut fiber doormat is a classic solution, suitable for all homes. Being a natural material, it is often a product made by artisans who hand-weave the raw material. So the price is generally higher. Its advantage is its high resistance to trampling and compared to a synthetic mat, it is able to absorb moisture when the shoes are wet, even if during the first uses, it will lose some fibers, forcing us to clean. Nothing serious, it is only an initial settlement of the material: you will never be left with a stripped carpet. However, it is not suitable for placing it on the door of the house subjected to bad weather, as it is less resistant to temperature changes.

A compromise solution between the two previous ones, the synthetic coir doormat visually appears as a model in natural material, but does not lose the fibers and is easier to clean, so much so as to justify its wide use in public places.

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