Ricky Ponting- One of the best players from Australia

Ricky Ponting has always been very helpful in providing people with multiple ingredients of becoming a typical Australian through the tough as-nails, aggressive, vocal, and above all, having the ability mentally powerful to tackle different kinds of pressure situations very easily. Ricky Ponting has always been at the forefront in terms of enjoying a very burning desire to win all the matches at all times and has also been very much successful in terms of providing people with the element of the desperation of dealing with the famous incidents in life. The career of Ricky Ponting has been very much successful in terms of providing him with multiple ups and downs, which very well polished him as one of the best players in this particular world.

The desire to be victorious was present in him from day one, and three World Cup titles, including two consecutive ones as a captain, very well provided Ricky Ponting along with a couple of champions trophy titles and number one test ranking, which shows that he has always been very much successful in the international arena. This particular course was very much helpful in terms of making sure that everything would be sorted out very successfully, and further, he came by becoming very much familiar with multiple formats into his final years.

He started as a young boy in the international arena in the year 1985 and then started with both of the formats. Ricky Ponting has gained a great reputation in the domestic circuit for having the ability to produce the biggest runs, and many people were very well aware of his very good skill set. But on the other hand, different kinds of disciplinary issues were equally prevalent with him, which caused him different kinds of issues in his initial career years of international cricket. But ultimately, he managed to pick himself up from the 1998-99 season and started to become a mature person of himself, which ultimately converted him into a very good top-flight batsman. 

Ricky Ponting was having started as a middle-order batsman and also took ownership of the pivotal number of three slots which he would make very much iconic in the years to follow. One of the biggest possible highlights of his batting was the intent right from the very first ball, which very well justified his aggression towards the game. He rarely let the bowlers dictate the terms, and most of the time, he was very much helpful in terms of dominating the entire thing very successfully. He also enjoyed the upward spike as a batsman and ensured his leadership role was not far away. Over the next five years, he not only did the consecutive innings in the World Cup in champions trophy but also went to another level on the personal factor level as a batsman.

From 2002-2007, Ricky Ponting very well smashed 41 international centuries across multiple formats, which is a clear-cut Testimony of his dominance in different kinds of areas, overs, and bowlers. Due to the limited over glory, Australia was ruthless in the testing systems and the legacy wars created by Steve. Some of the best possible tactics were very well revolving in this particular case, and the senior players left, which justified that Ricky Ponting started to feel the heat and, although it was very much similar in terms of ODI behavior, to enjoy a better grip over the proceedings. In the year 2011 World Cup, where Australia was eliminated in the quarter-final, Ricky Ponting stood down from the leadership and was able to enjoy the trust for the role of different kinds of formats. He bid farewell to international cricket in 2012-13 into the home series against South Africa, which was his last year for Australia. After this, he made different kinds of contributions to the entire world, and his contributions to Australian cricket or even invaluable as of now.

At the time of retirement, Ricky Ponting was only 2nd to Sachin Tendulkar in terms of total international runs and centuries. He has also been considered a very true legend of the game. Ricky Ponting played a very important part in the IPL, but there was not much individual success in the process. After a few years with Kolkata Knight Riders, he shifted to Mumbai Indians, and he even opened up with Tendulkar, who is a rare feast for cricket lovers. After this, he realized that he was not adjusting well to the format of the game and ultimately gave up the captaincy to become the mentor of this particular side. In this particular season, Mumbai Indians won their first IPL trophy, and Ricky Ponting coached them into the second one in 2015. Now Ricky Ponting is also directly associated with the coaching of the Australian team and has been very successful in making the best possible replacement without any doubt. He works as a TV commentator nowadays and is considered a delight to listen to throughout the ongoing matches.

Recent messages associated with this particular player were on the ground of Melbourne on the ninth of February 2020, and after this player shifted the focus to the other activities associated with the game of cricket. Ricky Ponting undoubtedly is the most uncompromising player of his generation. He has been considered one of the most successful run makers of Australia and has also always been at the forefront in providing critical achievements to each other. There has been no doubt about the greatness associated with Ricky Ponting, which very well justifies that leadership will always be entered scrutiny. Further, it will help provide them with the best possible results in the long run. So, whenever individuals are interested in having the best insights of the career of Ricky Ponting, then they need to download cricket live video app so that everything will be carried out from the comfort of their home place and people can significantly enjoy a lot by watching their favorite videos.

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