Reasons why your website ranking dropped on search engine

A dropping in the ranking of your website is bound to happen at some point in time. There are numerous factors that come into consideration when it comes to dropping in rankings of a website. The best digital marketing agency in Dubai suggests a series of steps that would lead to a drop in ranks and outlines how you will be able to deal with them.

Use of outdated or wrong keywords

The site’s keywords may be irrelevant if it has not been online for many years. You need to interpret your search patterns and then match them up with the updated and new keywords. With time, Google has gone on to enhance natural language comprehension where people can type in their natural language to obtain the desired results. Even if your content is in plain language, it would be easier to rank.

The different search engines also resort to this method to enhance their rankings. What it means is that rather than ranking websites on keywords they opt for natural language elements or complete keywords. So, you need to update the keywords and stick to the natural words as far as possible if you are looking to rank the website.

Changes in algorithm

The moment changes in the algorithm occur Google is working to improve the content ranking strategies along with results. A lot of sites have been affected and have become victims of lower rankings due to these results.

To prevent such harm that has not been done by Google updates, you can cash in on the benefits of effective cross-channel marketing that is going to include social media marketing and other channels. With the aid of these methods, you can easily maintain the rankings of your website.

Lost links

There is a possibility that the search engine rankings or traffic may have dropped because of poor links. Firstly, you need to check your website for lost links in the last 90 days or so. The rankings may be dropped if the inbound links may have been lost or deleted. In this case, you need to figure out where they have come. Once you know the real facts it gives you an idea of how they can maintain and increase the rankings of the website.

For prevention, you should be investing in programs or link monitoring. This is going to track down the lost links and also damage in the future. With the aid of correct measures, you are going to lose out on your ranking that is proactive on all counts.

Broken redirects

If you happen to undertake any structural changes to your website or undertake a new server, it is going to witness a drop in rankings until and unless you have a concrete backup plan in place. Once you perform these actions you are not going to lose out on any rankings, nor you are going to be penalized for any duplicate content.

If it seems difficult to fix them, then hire seo services in dubai who are experts in the field and can improve the website ranking.

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