Real estate, real problems

Named to be one of the more popular cities of our country, Brisbane boasts a high tourist population, global city ranking and is a centre of research and innovation.

Good deals on apparel, fine dining-its got everything you need. Almost. Almost everything you need.

As is the case with super cities, finding housing and land packages that are in any sense of the term affordable seem to be a chore no one wants to be tasked with—exorbitantly priced for compact spaces in the heart of the city. For most of us in generation Z with student loans and whatnot, the task of getting a reasonably priced house and land packages in Brisbane is an arduous effort.

Real estate is an industry that is often likened to murky waters. You don’t know when you’re going to be drowning (in debt), however according to Housing Insider, Brisbane is set to outperform the other Australian capitals in 2022 with their new compelling prices.

We’ll take a look at some of the essentials we need to look at while investing in an independent house/land package:

  1. Fixed Pricing

These days, we hear of scams occurring around our fine city of Brisbane wherein people often, after signing documents and transacting the money, find out that there are still hundreds or even thousands of dollars still left to be paid in hidden surcharges that weren’t initially transparent. It is advisable to read all investment-related documents carefully as it is easy to get swindled in such a manner. Quantity surveyors in Brisbane are a good reference point to understand construction cost estimates and the value of construction that is being completed.

  1. Modern Amenities

A home that we end up paying an arm and a leg for should give us its money’s worth, i.e., it should come fully furnished with state of the art technology and modern conveniences pre-installed in the various rooms, such as the kitchen (with induction stoves and electrical chimneys and smart refrigerators), the bathroom (with hot water and bathtubs) and bedroom with large cots- you get the idea. Complete with state of the art amenities, these homes would make them stand out in the Brisbane suburbs, no matter where you’re put up.

  1. Completely built product

We get what we pay for should be used as a thumb rule for real estate investments. That means tiled flooring, painted ceilings, and so on. Necessary floors must even be carpeted, and air venting systems must be in place. It should be ready to live in at a moment’s notice (or vacate).

  1. Room to innovate

Sometimes it just so happens that the existing design in specific places falls short of the expectations we hold in place, which means that there must be objects/features that we should be able to switch up without much effort if need be. Modern-day architecture is compact and nifty and should be reworkable/re-adjustable, i.e., to ensure both facets of functionality and aestheticism, which down under in Brisbane has almost become a necessity.

  1. Extra featurettes

Who wouldn’t desire to have some extras when they decide to make a purchase? For every independent house sold, look for a healthy and blooming garden rich in flora, a driveway paved neatly in between the two, and a colour bond fence to demarcate our property from our immediate neighbours.

These are some of the important features to look for while making a purchase. There are, of course, some other things to keep an eye out for during your investment in house and land packages in Brisbane. You might want to look for good cell tower connectivity, a fairly decent TV setup with a large monitor, and good amounts of underground water. Its proximity to the mainland also serves as a deciding factor; you wouldn’t want to get something that is far away from convenience stores or other retail outlets.

Making an informed decision is important because the money invested in real estate is a lifelong investment and can benefit you in multiple ways later on.

Author: Hannah Gilbert

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