Quick Guide for Creating Your Best Custom Coffee Packaging Bags

Coffee packaging is the process through which roasted coffee (whole bean or ground) is enclosed inside a protective container with the aim of keeping it secure from external elements such as moisture, oxygen, and sunlight, as these could alter the coffee’s aroma and flavor. Packaging also helps the seller have controlled portions of the coffee for ease of sale.

Designing your custom coffee bag gives you the freedom to express yourself to your customers. Therefore it is vital to create a well-designed coffee packaging bag that portrays your authenticity and is as informative as can be.

1. Integrate label material choices into the design process

Considering what materials your packaging should be made of ensures you maximize both functional and aesthetic properties. The third coffee wave has resulted in the premiumization of coffee packaging, resulting in better quality coffee blends and roasts.

The third coffee wave has resulted in the premiumization of coffee packaging, resulting in better quality coffee blends and roasts.

The specialty coffee sector has become significantly crowded, with gourmet coffee responsible for over half of the market sales. Specialty coffee roasters use high-quality label materials and finishes to distinguish their product and offer subtle hints about the quality of the product within the bag.

2. Make the most of the space on your finished coffee packaging

On your package, you should include all the essential information such as the product name, your business address and name, a barcode, the ingredients, and the net weight of the package. However, even if your label of printed coffee bag is well-designed, that information alone will not make your product stand out.

Consider how you can creatively use the space on your packaging to provide the discerning third-wave customer an authentic experience. You can even include a coffee plant or a coffee farmer picture and leave space for a product approval seal. Think about all the technical details your customers and prospective customers will want to see on your packaging.

Also, rather than use the garden variety rectangle labels on the front and rear, you can invest in a custom die to cut your labels into a specific shape that instantly elevates the perceived value of your product.

Your product packaging is your one opportunity to tell third-wave customers what your brand stands for and what sets your blend apart from the hundreds of other coffee bags on the shelves. Make the most out of it.

3. Make a relevant statement and boldly display it on your packaging

Any strong brand relies on the story it tells, and the simplest way to tell an engaging story is to have something significant to say.

It’s important to understand that a brand statement is more than just a tagline, slogan, logo, or color scheme and that other often-overlooked elements like the company’s promise to customers are crucial components.

If possible, include your brand promise on your coffee bag.

Constructing a brand promise is one method to communicate your brand statement. Since it defines your brand’s position on a particular issue, its promise is critical in helping consumers identify with it.

Finalize Your Coffee Packaging Plan and Make it Meaningful

Your coffee packaging serves as an ambassador for your brand. How it looks like and what it says conveys the values you uphold as a brand and it is the only means of preserving the freshness of your coffee product.

Your coffee packaging is a big part of your marketing strategy since it assures the quality of your coffee on its way to your avid customers. Do not regard your coffee packaging as an afterthought; give it the focus it deserves!

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