PTCL Winter Jackets To Help Flood Affected

PTCL is the biggest telecommunication company and always helps its users and provides cheap services.PTCL is the backbone of the telecommunication infrastructure in the country. In the country, PTCL operates more than 2000 telephone exchanges. In the month of October PTCL collaborate with akhuwat group and distribute food packages in the flood affected people. It was one of the small parts of the PTCL 1.75 billion pledge toward the devastated communities in the whole country.PTCL also open many medical centers in the country to help the flooded people. The group also provides free calls for rescue activities in flooded areas. PTCL has been proving drinking water and food to the people of Balochistan and Sindh to save them from the diseases of water born and malnutrition.

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Now recently in Balochistan PTCL donates 3000 jackets to flood-affected communities because it is the start of the winter season. The jackets were handed over to the Balochistan Rural Support Program by the PTCL.So the BRSP will distribute the jackets among the affected people, especially the elder, Children, and women so they will protect themselves from the cold. These days the weather is so cold in, Panjpai & Kechi Baig, areas of Pishin and Shna Khwara and Nasai areas of Killa Saifullah, areas of Quetta, Ajram, Surkhab/Niganda & Tuba Kakari/Ibrahim Khan, Orak.

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The directors said PTCL knows how much people are affected by the flood and now it’s a winter season and people are trying to protect theriself from the cold. This is a difficult time for them and the people need help to get rid of this problem. PTCL always stands with the people of Pakistan.PTCL group is thankful to the BRSP to help them in this program.

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