Promotions That Can Boost Your Winnings At Mega888

Win more often and in larger amounts with the help of promotions. Perhaps some players even claim they are the fastest and most efficient way to increase their earnings at an online casino.

Though there are various opinions from different players, the one thing every player can agree on is that if you are a player at Mega888 apk and are missing out on promotions and offers, then you are certainly missing out a lot.

Promotions can boost your earnings by up to 50%! If you take advantage of the correct specials when they become available, you may increase your earnings significantly. So what are the promotions and bonuses you need to use to boost your winnings and earnings at Mega888? If that’s what you’re wondering, you’ve come to the correct place!

Here we will be discussing different types of promotions available at Mega888 and how they can be used to increase our earnings. Let’s cut to the chase and talk about the important stuff, shall we?

Unlimited 5% Mega888 Reload Bonus

When talking about promotions that can boost your winnings, this one has to be on the list because this type of promotion fits well.

The promotion lets you get a 5% to reload of your overall deposit, which makes it more convenient for players as now they have more cash through the promotion and can certainly play more and potentially win more than they would have without the promotion.

To apply for this promotion, all you need to do is navigate to the Promotion Page you would find on the website of Mega888. On the promotions page, you will find an option under the heading of “Unlimited 5% Reload Bonus” click on that, and you will be navigated to a deposit page.

Once you have entered the amount you have to deposit, you will get the amount in your account along with an additional 5% of the amount as a bonus. However, the only downside of this offer is that the 5% has a maximum capacity of MYR 100, which is insignificant for the players.

Furthermore, the promotion is only valid for slot and fishing games which means that the providers are limited. The win over for this promotion is 5x and can only be availed from Monday to Friday, making the offer unavailable for the weekend.

The general terms and conditions can all be found on the official website of Mega888, and before you avail of the promotion by yourself, it’s always better to have a look at the terms and conditions that are mentioned on the website.

Birthday Promotion At Mega888

If you have had boring birthdays for the past few years and want to be joyous this year on your birthday, then don’t worry because Mega888 has you covered with a perfect birthday present for yourself.

Mega888’s birthday bonus is unlike any other bonus a player can get, and it’s also the only one a player can claim each year on their birthday, making it one of the finest promos available. So no matter what you do at Mega888, the one thing you need to ensure is that you add your details accurately while you are creating an account at Mega888.

Incorrect submission of details can lead to suspension of your account, which you wouldn’t want, especially when you have an amount of money in your account.

So how do I claim the promotion? And how much am I getting through the birthday bonus? Well, the process of reasoning is relatively simple; all you need to do is go to the customer support team at the live casino and ask them about the birthday bonus.

After starting a contact with customer service, they will ask for some personal information to verify your identity before crediting the bonus to your Mega888 waller.

The key issue now is how much financial gain one may anticipate from this promotion. The amount of money a player gets through this promotion varies from player to player. If a player is a regular at the online casino and has a higher member grade, then they would get more money compared to the players who are on a lower grade.

The maximum amount of money a player can get through this promotion is MYR 1688, and the lowest is MYR 88. However, there is a catch: You can’t claim the bonus until you’ve made at least 10 deposits in the last three months.

Welcome Bonus For New Players

The last promotion that you should probably look out for is the welcome bonus. This is the type of bonus which is made for new players only, so if you are planning to play at Mega888, then the best bonus you can use as a starting bonus.

The bonus gets players the boost they want as a newbie at the live casino. The promotion offers immense value to new players that have just joined the live casino. However, if you have already joined the online casino, the offer isn’t for you.

Though existing players can avail of every offer available at the online casino, the welcome bonus is exclusive to newcomers to the casino. So now the real question is how much one gets through this one-time offer at Mega888.

The answer is quite simple. Players get 150% of their deposit at Mega888. This means the initial deposit gets multiplied by 150%, and you get the amount overall in your account. If you make a deposit of MYR 100, you will get a one-time bonus of MYR 150 overall giving you MYR 250 in your account.


The bonuses at Mega888 are what make the casino what it is. The casino tends to provide players with different types of bonuses. Some of them are limited-time, while others are permanent. However, a player must make a decent number of deposits to have better bonuses at Mega888.

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