Project Pioneer Review – Making money with Dropshipping in 2022

It is not a coincidence to see many online entrepreneurs nowadays shifting their focus to drop shipping. If you are new in the e-commerce industry, then drop shipping should be your number 1 strategy for making money online (if you can find a trustworthy supplier).

Dropshipping is a method of ‘buying.’ It means you buy products from suppliers and then sell them to customers at a higher price. Drop shippers should have at least two suppliers to minimize the chance of being conned by one.

Dropshipping and Shopify are great ways to make money online. You don’t need to manufacture the products, store them or keep any inventory. That makes it unique.

If you are anything like me, spending money on an online course is not something you want to do unless it will be worthwhile, then this review should help you.

Did you ever buy something thinking it would make your life easier, only to find out it wasn’t?

I mean, who hasn’t? That’s why I don’t want you to see it. Before we discuss whether or not Project Pioneer by Connor Shelefontiuk is worth the investment.

What is The Project Pioneer?

Project Pioneer (PP), an online dropshipping course, was created by Connor Shelefontiuk, previously running several drop shipping businesses.

After trying out many different methods, he finally came up with the PP method. He now tells the world about his successes and makes students aware of his mistakes.

Connor is here to help you start a dropshipping business. He will share the same techniques he used to make an income for himself and other entrepreneurs.

What can you learn from Project Pioneer?

The course consists of eight modules that will help you understand sourcing and market research.

Each module is designed professionally, has rich content, and is easy to follow. The course is divided into 75 lessons.

Modules of Project Pioneer include:

Module 1: The Mindset

This module will give you an overview of dropshipping and the reasons why it is essential. Although it isn’t very technical or detailed, this module will provide you with an overview of dropshipping and the options available to you.

Module 2

This module will be a great help in getting your store up and running and making sales.

It will teach you how to create a store without much overhead. This means that you can test various products and see which ones sell without having to spend a lot of money on advertising or buying into your niche.

Project Pioneer’s strategy to build a great store (and why so many people fail at eCommerce) looks pretty intriguing.

Module 3: Identify and Take Action

This is the most important of all. It’s not enough to just get started selling on e-commerce/dropshipping platforms like Shopify or Amazon. These platforms will not sell your products.

Connor will walk you through the steps he takes to find products people are interested in buying. This involves researching product suggestions and trends and searching for the best-selling products with his “Pioneer Protocol”.

Module 4 – Create landing pages

Once you have your suppliers, it is time to start building your store or product pages. Either use an existing eCommerce platform such as WooCommerce or Shopify or develop your own. Shopify is easier to use if you are starting an online business. It would be helpful to read through the Shopify reviews before making a decision.

The Project pioneer course provides step-by-step instructions on how to create product landing pages that are successful.

Module 5: Optimization

This module will show you how to optimize your ad campaigns and increase your clicks per day. It also teaches you how to retarget users who have left your website and how to improve your landing pages.

Module 6 and 7: Scaling

This module will help you scale your business without getting too technical. This module will also provide proven strategies to scale any business. These include creating multiple websites, blogs, or landing pages to increase sales.

Module 8 – The Revised

Module 8 focuses on Project Pioneer’s SMS and email marketing strategies. These strategies will help you build a relationship and keep your customers coming back.

According to them, email marketing is not a waste of time. Email marketing is an essential part of any business’ communication strategy. Virtually every company does it at some point.

Email marketing can be an economical way to keep in touch with prospects and customers. It can also help you generate leads and sales if your business is beginning.

Do I recommend the Project Pioneer Course?

Project Pioneer is a great course, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start a dropshipping company or to those looking to make a side business of dropshipping. It is clear that Connor has a lot of experience and knows what he is talking about.

Project Pioneer does an excellent job explaining how you can make money in this business model.

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