Price List Maker: Features, Benefits and Tips for Creating

Do you want to create a beautiful price list with pictures? Make one with the Vista Create online designer! Choose any of the design samples or templates with the right shape and structure: for services, sales and work, or make a new document from scratch. If you already have a price list in Excel, simply upload it to the online price list maker and format it with branded fonts and images. 


Download the finished price list to your computer as a pdf, jpeg, png, or post it. Learn about additional options for implementing your ideas in this article.

How to Create a Price List?

The instructions consist of only 3 steps:

  1. Add photos from free images or upload your own.
  2. Choose from dozens of fonts to edit text.
  3. Upload your own logo.


The editor is intuitive and easy to use. Try it, you’ll love it!

Advantages of Using Vista Create for Price Lists

Vista Create in this case allows you to simplify interaction with customers and automate most business processes. And creation of the price list is only one of the possibilities. However, there are a number of possibilities:


  • Easily adapted to the creation of price lists for any kind of services: cleaning, home care, car washing, repair of household appliances, phones, cars.
  • Ability to create price lists both for services and for small retail trade.
  • A huge number of templates and fonts.
  • Saving time when processing and printing documents. 
  • Convenient mechanism for work on our website.


To start working in the program, think about your business idea, prepare the content and start creating.

Tips On Drawing Up A Price List

There is no generally accepted instruction on how to draw up a price list. You can do it at your own discretion. But there are recommendations:


  • The text should be readable, don’t use small or too large a font. 
  • Specify the name and contacts of the organization, addresses of sales outlets or representative offices. On the first page place the company description and competitive advantages.
  • Add only the necessary information, do not overload the price list with text.
  • Do not abbreviate the names. If something may be unclear to the buyer – decipher it.
  • Avoid unnecessary items. The price list should not be identical products; it complicates the selection process.
  • If you have a lot of goods, break down the assortment into groups.
  • You can also make a sample price list in word, which is handy if the assortment is small.


Be sure to indicate that the price in your price list is not a public offer. That way you retain the right to change it if necessary. Otherwise you will be obliged to sell the product at exactly the price you specified.


So, professional price lists don’t have to cost a fortune anymore. A collection of templates from Vista Create can help you create beautiful price lists and menus in your business’ corporate style and boost sales. And if you need to update prices or menu items, just select an item and change it instantly.



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